What are Aftco shorts made of?

What are Aftco shorts made of?

The “Original” AFTCO short. Introduced in 1989 and the choice of serious fishermen worldwide, the men’s M01 fishing short is constructed of DuPont™ SUPPLEX® 3-ply nylon and has been treated with a stain resistant coating. It is an extremely strong and supple fabric.

What size is 28 in Aftco shorts?


SIZE 28 32
WAIST 28-30 32-34

What is the inseam of Aftco shorts?

Moisture Wicking. Lightweight, strong, comfortable. Outseam” 16″ Inseam: 6″

What does Aftco stand for?

the American Fishing Tackle Company
AFTCO stands for the American Fishing Tackle Company.

Is AFTCO a good brand?

Over the past three years, AFTCO has won seven out of the nine New Product Showcase awards in the apparel categories, solidifying their place as the leader in innovative fishing tackle apparel.

Who owns AFTCO fishing?

the Shedd Family
Today, AFTCO is still owned and operated by the Shedd Family. Axelson Mfg Co was a large company with over 1,000 employees that manufactured a number of products including aircraft landing gear, tooling for the oil industry and even the famous Axelson machine lathe.

What size is Aftco size 26?

Youth The Original Fishing Short

SIZE 20 26
WAIST 20-21.5″50.8-NaN 26″66.0
HEIGHT 39-45″99.1-NaN 57-60″144.8-NaN
WEIGHT 40101.6 87221.0
AGE 4-510.2-12.7 10-1225.4-30.5

What size is Aftco 22?

AFTCO Kids’ Apparel Size Chart

Size Waist (in.) Weight (lbs)
XXS (20) 20 – 21.5 40
XS (22) 22 50
S (24) 24.5 60
M (26) 25.5 – 26.5 87

What size is Aftco 26?

Who is the owner of AFTCO?

Bill Shedd
Bill Shedd is the Chairman and CEO of the American Fishing Tackle Co. (AFTCO), a recreational fishing brand now in its third generation as a family business. Along with his three children, he oversees AFTCO’s fishing tackle and clothing divisions.

Where was AFTCO started?

1958. J.C. Axelson founds the Axelson Fishing Tackle Company (AFTCO) in the basement of his double lot bay front home in Newport Beach, CA. 15 Year’s later he would sell the company to Milt Shedd. Today, AFTCO is still owned and operated by the Shedd Family.

What size is 24 in Aftco shorts?

Men’s Shorts

Waist Hip Inseam
34 22 in 6 in
36 23 in 6 in
38 24 in 6 in
40 25 in 6 in