What act does the social media policy come under in Australia?

What act does the social media policy come under in Australia?

agency policies. the Australian Public Service Commission’s Social Media Guidance. the Public Service Act 1999 (Cth), that includes the APS Values and APS Code of Conduct (the Code) the Privacy Act 1988.

How government should use social media?

One of the biggest benefits of social media is that it allows governments to share critical information in a crisis. It can also enable governments to control the narrative on key issues. Thirdly, social media allows governments to use experts to share health, science, and expert information.

Is social media considered public?

Recent case law suggests that social media platforms would probably be considered public forums, but most cases have been settled – prior to such determination – to the detriment of the blocking or comment removing public entity.

What are the laws around social media?

Laws associated with social media litigation include the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and the Communications Decency Act. Defamation and privacy lawsuits can be filed based on social media content. Social networking sites often have greater protection under the law than their users.

Who regulates social media in Australia?

The Office of the eSafety Commissioner helps Australians deal with online abuse including cyberbullying of children , adult cyber abuse and image-based abuse. The Office of the eSafety Commissioner also investigates complaints about offensive and illegal online content.

What is an example of a social media policy?

Examples of such conduct might include offensive posts meant to intentionally harm someone’s reputation or posts that could contribute to a hostile work environment on the basis of race, sex, disability, religion or any other status protected by law or company policy.

How does social media influence policy making?

Social media data can also be used to provide complementary evidence or analysis to support human decision making, such as individual decision making about health choices or civic decision making about resource allocation and investment strategy.

How do governments manage social media?

7 social media tips for government agencies

  1. Listen for relevant conversations. The first thing you should focus on as a social media manager is listening to your audience.
  2. Educate your audience with valuable content.
  3. Keep it simple.
  4. Engage.
  5. Post regularly.
  6. Stay secure.
  7. Remain compliant.

Is government social media a public forum?

As a public forum, the government cannot engage in viewpoint discrimination. (AP Photo/J. David Ake, used with permission from The Associated Press.) Government officials routinely use social media to communicate policy, advocate positions, introduce new legislation, and various other functions.

Is social media public or private?

The First Amendment protects individuals from government censorship. Social media platforms are private companies, and can censor what people post on their websites as they see fit. But given their growing role in public discourse, it’s important to ask ourselves–what exactly are their censorship policies?

What is the Victorian public sector social media policy?

This policy was developed to sit under the framework for the Guidance for the use of social media in the Victorian public sector released by the Public Sector Standards Commissioner. The intention of this policy is to establish a culture of openness, trust and integrity in our online activities.

Where can I find justice Victoria’s social media policy?

Contact Digital Communication, Strategic Communication Branch for further information about the policy by email: [email protected] (External link). This Department Social Media Policy is licensed under a This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License (External link).

What are the social media policies for public sector employees?

Staff must maintain accurate and reliable records of their official use of social media as required by relevant legislation, policies and procedures. All communication of an official nature should be objective and courteous in dealings with the government, community and other public sector employees.

What is the social media recordkeeping policy?

Social Media Recordkeeping Policy provides principles for making decisions and implementing actions about social media and recordkeeping across the Victorian Government. Are you a Government Recordkeeper? Are you a researcher? Victorian Archives Centre, 99 Shiel St, North Melbourne. Bookings essential. Read about our recent service changes here.