Was Celebrian tortured?

Was Celebrían tortured?

Celebrian , the wife of Elrond , was way laid in the Redhorn pass by a band of orcs . She was pursued and rescued by Elladan and Elrohir , but not before she was tortured and had a poison wound .

What did the Orcs do to Elrond’s wife?

In Third Age 2509, on a trip to Lórien to visit her parents, she was waylaid by Orcs in the Redhorn Pass of the Misty Mountains. She was captured and tormented, receiving a poisoned wound. Her sons rescued her and she was healed by Elrond, but she no longer wished to stay in Middle-earth.

What kind of elf is Celeborn?

wisest Elves
For the White Tree of Tol Eressëa, see Celeborn of Aman. Celeborn was the Lord of Lothlórien, and the husband of Galadriel, Lady of the Golden Wood. He was said to be one of the wisest Elves in Middle-earth at the end of the Third Age.

How old is Celebrían?

Sailed west T.A. 2510 (aged 5650) Grey Havens
Parentage Celeborn and Galadriel
Siblings Amroth (earlier version)

Is Celeborn a Noldor?

After Galadriel’s departure, it is believed that Celeborn relocated to Rivendell to reside with Elladan, Elrohir, and some of the Noldor, having also grown weary of East Lórien.

Is Galadriel Arwens mother?

She appears in the novel The Lord of the Rings. Arwen is one of the half-elven who lived during the Third Age; her father was Elrond half-elven, lord of the Elvish sanctuary of Rivendell, while her mother was the Elf Celebrian, daughter of the Elf-queen Galadriel, ruler of Lothlórien.

Who is Galadriel’s daughter?

CelebríanGaladriel / Children

Did Elrond reunite with Celebrían?

Then Elrond prepared at last to depart from Middle-earth and follow Celebrían.” Thus it passed that after 500 long years, at the Haven of Avallonë in Tol Eressëa, Elrond and Celebrían were finally reunited, sometime after TA 3021 (the Ring-bearer sailing on September 29, 3021).

What happened Galadriel’s daughter?

When Galadriel and Celebrían left for Rivendell, Amroth was left in the forest, and would later visit his family when they lived in Dol Amroth. In other versions, Celebrían wedded Elrond in TA 2500, but in TA 2600, she was slain (not captured) by the Orcs in the Misty Mountains.

Is BOLG the son of Azog?

Bolg was an Orc leader of the Misty Mountains in the late Third Age, and the son of Azog.

Who did Elrond marry?

CelebríanElrond / Spouse