Should all ceiling medallions match?

Should all ceiling medallions match?

Should All Ceiling Medallions Match? The medallion should match the style of the room since it is an architectural feature. Using the same motifs as other moldings or trim work in your room, you can design a ceiling medallion similar to this.

How are ceiling medallions measured?

Measure the width and length of the room. Multiply the numbers to get the square footage of the room. Divide the number by 7. This number is the proper diameter in inches of your ceiling medallion.

Should ceiling medallion be larger than light fixture?

It’s a good idea to have your medallion about the same size as your light fixture. However, if your room has a high ceiling that’s 8′ or higher, your medallion can have a larger diameter that’s wider than your light fixture. You may need more than one medallion for an exceptionally large room or ballroom.

Are ceiling medallions out of style?

Today’s artisans are crafting a wide range of styles well beyond the traditional styles most people expect. While always a classic, the ceiling medallion is once again fashionable in modern-day home design.” Gigi Lombrano, Gigi Lombrano Interiors. “Ceiling medallions are classic!

What color should my ceiling medallion be?

Medallions are commonly painted white. White truly is always right. However, paint is also another great transforming feature with these flexible works of ceiling art. Consider painting a medallion a faux gold gilt, or painting it the same color as the trim for a unified look.

Are ceiling medallions smaller than chandelier?

Basically, personal taste dictates the overall size of a ceiling medallion, but the rule of thumb is that the ceiling medallion should be about the same size as the chandelier, and the chandelier’s size is based on half the width of the dining room table that it will hang above.

What color should a ceiling medallion be?

Do I need a ceiling medallion?

Ceiling Height Ceiling medallions are generally intended for rooms with high ceilings. A good rule of thumb is that the higher the ceiling, the larger the medallion should be. So a really tall two-story ceiling will require a large medallion, unless its dimensions for length and width are small.

How do you decorate a ceiling medallion?

How to Use Ceiling Medallions on Walls

  1. Hang them like art, in different sizes and designs, colors or styles.
  2. Create a grid and place photos in the center.
  3. Use them as wall sconce decoration.
  4. Halve your ceiling medallions and use them as cornice swags or wall panel ornaments.

Can you use a ceiling medallion with a flush mount light?

Obviously ceiling medallions can be used with pendant lighting, chandeliers, and even semi flush mounts… really any type of “hanging” light fixture. I personally love the juxtaposition of an ornate or traditional ceiling medallion paired with a modern light.