Is there any way to save Danyla Dao?

Is there any way to save Danyla Dao?

His wife, Danyla, can be found in the East Brecilian Forest, at the location given on our map above. There, you’ll find Danyla in Werewolf form; Athras’ instincts were indeed correct, for his wife has been bitten and already has begun to turn. As a result, Danyla can never be turned back to her human form again.

Do you have to kill Danyla?

The quest will be completed but you won’t receive any reward. Plot-wise, there is a way to complete the quest with the optimal outcome: Speak to Danyla but refuse to kill her, triggering combat. The quest item, scarf, is given at the end of conversation, meaning the warden can retrieve the scarf without killing Danyla.

Where is Athras?

the Dalish Camp
Athras is a dalish elf found in the Dalish Camp along with the rest of his clan.

Can you convince Swiftrunner?

It is possible to use the Warden’s Coercion skill to Intimidate or Persuade Swiftrunner to avoid a confrontation; otherwise they will attack, though they retreat once one has lost 50% health.

Where is andraste’s grace?


  • Redcliffe Village, near the mill, right of the landmark tree.
  • West Brecilian Forest, found next to a tree and next to the waterfall.
  • Elven Alienage, near giant tree.

Where is the grand oak Dragon Age?

West Brecilian Forest
The Grand Oak, also known as the Elder Tree, is a large sapient tree, more commonly known as a sylvan, encountered in the West Brecilian Forest.

How do you convince Zathrian to end the curse?

Start off by talking to the Gatekeeper (M46, 4) and agree to have a meeting with Lady of the Forest (M46, 5). During this conversation you’ll have to convince the leader of the beasts that she should invite Zathrian for a peace meeting and to ask him to lift the curse.

Is the lady Witherfang?

Dragon Age: Origins. She is the very spirit of the forest itself, bound to the body of a silver wolf—the legendary Witherfang. However, none of the Werewolves address her as such (they simply say “our Lady” or “the Lady”).

Can you leave the Brecilian Forest?

The Brecilian Forest quest can be pretty difficult for a new party, but you can back out of it and go elsewhere at any time before the final fight.

Who was andraste?

Andraste is the prophet whose teachings later served as the foundation of both the Orlesian Chantry and Imperial Chantry. Andrastianism has since become the dominant religion in Thedas, believed by many to be the spiritual wife of the Maker.

Where are Zevran Dalish gloves?

the Brecilian Forest
Found as loot around the Brecilian Forest.

Where is the elder tree Dragon Age Origins?