Is the Sony HMZ-T1 dead?

Is the Sony HMZ-T1 dead?

They’ve never truly disappeared, of course, and companies like Vuzix even sell relatively affordable versions to this day, but none have captured our interest quite like the HMZ-T1 from Sony.

Does the HMZ-T1 play tricks on your brain?

Still, all modern forms of 3D play tricks on your brain, and the HMZ-T1 isn’t completely exempt; though many other issues have been resolved, you’re still often telling your eyes to focus on a plane that doesn’t exist, and as my friend can attest, it can still be jarring to individuals who don’t enjoy other forms of 3D content.

What is the hmz-t1p processor unit?

Sadly, the Personal 3D Viewer does require a proprietary cord to work its magic, and that cord plugs into a box — the HMZ-T1P Processor Unit. It’s a fairly standard little metal set-top box, fanless, and with only four ports: one HDMI input, one HDMI output, the HMD connector, and a power cord.

Will Sony’s HMD be able to attach to your face?

When we first laid eyes on Sony’s HMD prototype at CES 2011, the basics were all there: 720p OLED displays, built-in 5.1 virtual surround sound headphones, and a visor design that would make Geordi la Forge feel welcome — complete with the assumption that Sony would find a way to attach it directly to your face.