Is the NT government Labor or Liberal?

Is the NT government Labor or Liberal?

The election was conducted by the Northern Territory Electoral Commission, an independent body answerable to Parliament. The incumbent centre-left Labor Party (ALP) majority government, led by Chief Minister Michael Gunner, won a second consecutive four-year term of government.

Is voting compulsory in NT?

Voting is compulsory in Northern Territory Legislative Assembly elections, and not voting without a sufficient reason is an offence under section 279(1) of the Electoral Act 2004.

What party is NT government?

Since 31 August 2016, the head of government has been Chief Minister Michael Gunner of the Labor Party.

Who is chief minister of NT?

Michael GunnerNorthern Territory / Chief ministerMichael Patrick Francis Gunner is an Australian politician and is the 11th and current chief minister of the Northern Territory. Wikipedia

Does the NT have a premier?

The chief minister of the Northern Territory is the head of government of the Northern Territory. The office is the equivalent of a State Premier.

How many members does the NT have?

Members. More than 5.37 million people (5.95 million in 2019/20) are members of the National Trust. That’s more than the entire population of Costa Rica.

Who is in power in the act?

The 2020 Australian Capital Territory general election was held between 28 September and 17 October 2020 to elect all 25 members of the unicameral ACT Legislative Assembly. The incumbent Labor/Greens coalition government, led by Chief Minister Andrew Barr, defeated the opposition Liberal Party.

Which party is in power in Act?

The ninth election for the ACT Legislative Assembly was held on Saturday 15 October 2016. The Australian Labor Party (ALP), in power since the 2001 election, was re-elected at the 2016 general election.

Who is Michael Gunners wife?

Kristy O’BrienMichael Gunner / Wife

How do you address a NT minister?

Address the chief minister of the NT correctly their given and family names. ‘MLA, Chief Minister of the Northern Territory’.

Does nt have a premier?