Is Tara Mandira real daughter?

Is Tara Mandira real daughter?

Mandira Bedi and her late husband Raj Kaushal adopted their daughter Tara on July 28th last year and to celebrate the special day on Wednesday, Mandira and her family hosted an intimate party for little Tara, who is five years old.

Who is Mandira Bedi?

Bedi has been a promoter of faux leather for PETA. She debuted as a fashion designer during Lakme Fashion Week 2014 with her saree collection….

Mandira Bedi
Born 15 April 1972 Kolkata, West Bengal, India
Occupation Actress, television presenter, fashion designer
Spouse(s) Raj Kaushal ​ ​ ( m. 1999; died 2021)​
Children 2

What is Mandira Bedi age?

49 years (April 15, 1972)Mandira Bedi / Age

What happened Mandira Bedi?

Mandira Bedi Was Taking Raj Kaushal to Hospital, he Died in Car: Sulaiman Merchant Reveals All. Mandira Bedi acted immediately when her husband Raj Kaushal told her that he was having a heart attack. She put him in a car and tried to take him to the hospital but it was too late already.

Who is Mandira Bedi husband?

Raj KaushalMandira Bedi / Husband (m. 1999–2021)

How did Mandira Bedi lost her husband?

In June, Mandira lost her husband, producer Raj Kaushal, to a heart attack.

Who is Mandira Bedi mother?

Gita BediMandira Bedi / Mother

Who is Mandira Bedis husband?

Who is Mandira Bedi first husband?

In June, Mandira lost her husband, producer Raj Kaushal, to a heart attack. Raj had directed films like Pyaar Mein Kabhi Kabhi and Shaadi Ke Laddoo. Mandira and Raj married in 1999. In 2020, the couple adopted a four-year-old girl and named her Tara.

Who is Mandira Bedi’s husband?

Who is Mandira Bedi’s brother?

brother Harmeet Singh Bedi
The actress, who lost her husband and filmmaker Raj Kaushal earlier this year, shared a couple of pictures of herself with her family, including kids Vir and Tara, parents Gita Bedi and Verinder Singh Bedi, brother Harmeet Singh Bedi and sister-in-law Dipika Bedi from their get-together last night and wrote: “Blessed …