Is South Africa going to renew permits for Zimbabweans?

Is South Africa going to renew permits for Zimbabweans?

This allows Zimbabweans a further 12 months to obtain other visas to legally remain in SA. The government has extended the Zimbabwean exemption permit (ZEP) granted to Zimbabwean nationals to the end of 2022.

Can a Zimbabwean get a work permit in South Africa?

ZSP permit holders that would like to remain in South Africa can apply for the newly introduced Zimbabwe Exemption Permit (ZEP). The ZEP will only be issued to those Zimbabweans who currently have a valid ZSP permit. The ZEP will be valid for four years.

How much is a Zimbabwean permit?

A duly completed DHA-947 form online. Handwritten forms will not be accepted by the Department of Home Affairs. Payment of the application fee of R2870.

Is Home Affairs open for asylum seekers 2021?

Home Affairs granted a blanket extension for all asylum seekers and refugees whose permits expired on or after 15 March 2020. Refugees were told to renew their papers online. The system went live on 15 April 2021. They had until 31 December 2021 to renew.

Can I employ a Zimbabwean without a work permit?

Can I employ a Zimbabwean without a work permit? A Zimbabwean who would like to work in South Africa must have a valid work permit or be a permanent resident holder.

How do I apply for Zep?


  1. Step 1 : You will need to fill your application form online.
  2. Step 2 : You will need to arrange for supporting documents for your ZEP application.
  3. Step 3 : On the day of your appointment, plan to arrive 10 minutes early at the Visa Application Centre.
  4. Step 4 :

Is Home Affairs open in December 2021?

13 December 2021 Home Affairs Minister Dr Aaron Motsoaledi has approved a temporary extension of operating times at front offices by two and a half hours from 08:00 to 17:30 from today, Monday, 13 December to Thursday 30 December 2021 to deal with the high demand for services at Home Affairs offices.