Is SMU test-optional for 2021?

Is SMU test-optional for 2021?

“SMU will still look for students who have excelled in high school – and who will excel at SMU. The test-optional policy will apply to those applying for first-year and transfer undergraduate admission to enter SMU in Spring or Fall 2021.

Is Baylor religious?

Chartered in 1845 by the Republic of Texas and affiliated with the Baptist General Convention of Texas, Baylor is both the state’s oldest institution of higher learning and the world’s largest Baptist university.

Is Baylor a Tier 1 school?

How does Baylor define Tier 1? A Tier 1 university operates at the highest levels in not only teaching and research, but throughout the university in services to students, the arts, athletics and more. As Baylor strives to reach R1 status, our commitment to excellence university-wide grows even stronger.

What is considered the Harvard of the South?

2 spot is Rice University, a highly selective private university in Houston, TX, and often called “the Harvard of the South.” Founded in 1912, Rice ranks No. 22 in the overall ranking.

Is Baylor a Mormon?

Baylor faculty are mostly Christian, you have to take religion courses and you have to attend chapel.

What major is SMU known for?

Academic Life at SMU The most popular majors at Southern Methodist University include: Business, Management, Marketing, and Related Support Services; Social Sciences; Communication, Journalism, and Related Programs; Engineering; and Mathematics and Statistics.

Is Baylor a hard school?

Baylor is not by any means an easy school. Classes are tough and you have to work hard to get good grades. Academics at Baylor are excellent. Most students take classes very seriously, and so do the professors.

Does SMU have supplemental essays?

When you apply to Southern Methodist University, you’ll have to write two SMU supplement essays in addition to your Common App personal statement and activities list. (You can also apply through ApplyTexas or the Coalition app!) The first SMU supplement essay is a fairly standard and open-ended “Why SMU” essay.