Is Ondura roofing waterproof?

Is Ondura roofing waterproof?

These Ondura panels were a blessing when it came to roofing my new shed. Lightweight ,waterproof and easy to install, these panels gave me the look I wanted and were much cheaper than metal or shingles.

What is Ondura?

ONDURA is made with a tough organic fiber core that is completely infused with asphalt as the weather protection barrier. This scientifically-developed composite material has been optimized and used in roofing applications in the United States for more than 30 years.

Can Ondura be used as siding?

Ondura can certainly be used as siding! The panels can be hung vertically or horizontally and should be fastened in the valleys. Ondura should not touch the ground, pressure treated wood can be used as a barrier between the panels and the ground.

Can Ondura be painted?

You can use any high-grade, outdoor acrylic latex paint on your ONDURA roof, or you can order ONDURA paint from your nearest dealer.

What is the life expectancy of Ondura roofing?

The material disintegrates in about 10 years. When they say it is environmentally friendly they mean it turns to compost right on your roof.

What are Ondura panels made of?

corrugated asphalt roofing
Description. The Ondura corrugated asphalt roofing panels offer a lightweight and attractive solution for roofing projects. Made with a tough organic fiber core that is completely infused with asphalt as the weather protection barrier.

Can you walk on Ondura?

Walking On ONDURA Sheets. When walking on nailed-down ONDURA sheets, walk on top of purlins only placing feet across corrugations. Also wear soft-soled shoes. ONDURA is more pliable in hot weather and less pliable in cold weather. Always use care when walking on ONDURA or any other roof.

What is a ridgeline roof?

In simple language, the ridge of a roof is the peak where two opposing roof planes meet.

Which side is up Ondura?

Closure strip Position Place closure strips under the ONDURA-6V sheet with the curved side up to fill the corrugations. The closure strips must be placed where the nails will be located so that the nails will securely hold the closure strips in place during the life of the roof.

What are Onduvilla shingles made of?

ONDUVILLA is made from a composite of asphalt with a fiber matte core. This lightweight composite technology has been used by Onduline in other roofing materials with outstanding results for the past 70 years.

How do you nail a ONDURA roof?

Drive Nails Correctly. Other types of nails may not provide sufficient hold-down strength. Drive ONDURA nails only through the top of corrugations. Always drive nails perpendicular into purlins-not at an angle-so the rubber washer is snugly in contact with the sheet.