Is Meritnation good?

Is Meritnation good?

Meritnation is just awesome. It has syllabus as per my textbook and it is so easy for me to learn. All the tests in Meritnation help me a lot in my studies. I have got good grades and I wish Meritnation best of luck for promotion of its website throughout the world.

How does Meritnation make money?

What is Meritnation Badge Program? We are introducing this program as a way to reward you students. You now earn points and badges by studying, asking, answering and doing stuff that you already do on Meritnation. Start earning today and become a rockstar amongst your friends and classmates !

Is Meritnation free app?

Meritnation app is free and has all the solved questions from NCERT Books and popular reference books.

How do you view Meritnation answers?

when you login into the website you will see the homepage in which you have a option my Q and A where you will find your answers to the questions you have answered!!

How can I delete my Meritnation account permanently?

There is no such option to delete your Meritnation account. However, if you stop using it, the account becomes inactive. Your feedback and suggestions are extremely valuable for us, please keep writing.

Which is better BYJU or Meritnation?

BYJU’S is ideal for industries like Schools & Institutes. For Schools & Institutes, Meritnation is a better choice. If you are confused between BYJU’S or Meritnation, you can also check if the software has customizable modules for your industry.

Which is better Meritnation vs BYJU?

The quality and timeliness of support are an important parameter while comparing Meritnation with BYJU’S. Meritnation offers email as support to its customers while BYJU’S provides phone, email, live support.

How can I become expert in Meritnation?

All you need to do is, study hard and keep scoring high in all the subjects. Your academic score should be extremely good. After, the completion of your studies you can master in any of the particular subject during your graduation and apply accordingly for an expert’s position.

How do you get points in Meritnation?

Merit points can be earned by completing a certain criteria like studying topics, completing chapters, completing activities, earning thumbs up by experts, completing your profile information, etc. You can see your Merit points at the top right-hand side of the screen, beside your Badges.