Is Kishtwar rural or urban?

Is Kishtwar rural or urban?

Kishtwar District Population of Rural and Urban The district has an total area of 1,644 sq km., 1 sq km is urban and 1643 sq km is rural. Out of total population of Kishtwar, 256,073 in the district, 14,865 are in urban area and 215,831 are in rural area.

Where is Kishtwar in Jammu or Kashmir?

Union Territory Jammu and Kashmir
Division Jammu
Region Chenab Valley
District Kishtwar

How many villages are in Kishtwar?

84 Villages
A total of 84 Villages fall under Kishtwar Constituency and 72 Villages fall under Inderwal Constituency. There are total of 136 Panchayats in District Kishtwar.

How many blocks are there in Kishtwar?

13 Blocks
District Kishtwar comprises of 3 Sub Divisions and 13 Blocks.

What is the old name of Kishtwar?

According to some historians, it was previously called ‘Kashyapwas’ meaning the place of ‘Kashyap Rishi’. It was this great saint who on the basis of his spiritual powers, got the water of ‘Goverdhan Sar’ drained off which made Kishtwar a place worth living.

Who is the founder of Kishtwar?

History. Kishtwar is first referred to in the Rajatarangini by the ancient name Kashthavata during the reign of Raja Kalsa of Kashmir (1063–1089), when “Uttamaraja”, the ruler of Kashthavata visited the court of the Kashmir King in company with several other hill chiefs to pay their respects to the Raja.

When did Kishtwar become district?

Maharaja Gulab Singh, the Dogra ruler of Jammu annexed it in 1821 AD. District Kishtwar was carved out from the erstwhile District Doda during the year 2007-08 when the Chief Minister of state G.N.

How many blocks are there in Jammu and Kashmir?

Jammu is district in Jammu And Kashmir state of India….There are total 20 blocks in Jammu.

# Block Name District Name
4 Bhalwal Brahmana Jammu
5 Bishnah Jammu
6 Chowki Choura Jammu
7 Dansal Jammu

How many blocks are there in Jammu?

20 Blocks
There are 20 Blocks: Akhnoor. Arnia.

Which district in J&K has largest forest area?

District-wise Forest Cover Assessment (2011)-Jammu & Kashmir

District Geographic Area (sq. km.) Proportion of Forest Cover to District Geographic Area (%)
Kargil 14037 0.17
Kathua 2651 52.77
Kupwara 2379 48.76
Leh 45110 0.23

What was the old name of Anantnag?

The part of the valley which lies between Pir Panjal and Srinagar now called the Anantnag was given to Marhan and named after him as Maraj. While Srinagar is no longer known as Yamraj, the area to its north and south are still called Kamraz and Maraz respectively.

Who founded Kishtwar?