Is JMIR a predatory journal?

Is JMIR a predatory journal?

To phrase his critique about the fast-track fee in the way he did (‘like many predatory journals, some (or all) of the JMIR journals offer a fast-track fee”) is misleading and borders on slander, as it is suggestive of JMIR being a predatory journal (without saying it).

How much does it cost to publish in JMIR?

Article Processing Fees

Journal Article Submission Fee Article Processing Fee**
JMIR Research Protocols $1900 or $950
JMIR mHealth and uHealth $2850 3
Interactive Journal of Medical Research $1750 4
JMIR Medical Informatics $2300 5

How do I submit to JMIR?

To submit any paper, you first need to have a (free) user account with the JMIR website.

  1. Go to Login and.
  2. click on the author role to go to your author user homepage (or simply click the bug submit button on the journal homepage, depicted in the screenshot above) .

Is Journal of Medical Internet Research legitimate?

The journal is a reliable, current, and well-maintained scientific publication. The current issue and archives are available through a search engine and the tables of contents on the journal Website and through Web search engines such as Google.

How good is JMIR?

Author Feedback on journal rating sites: JMIR is also ranked “leading” on journal rating sites such as scirev ( – with a manuscript handling rating of 4.7 (out of 5), reflecting a high degree of satisfaction with the quality of peer-reviews and speed.

Is JMIR Scopus indexed?

Currently indexed or approved for indexing by Scopus are: Journal of Medical Internet Research. JMIR mHealth and uHealth (approved July 1st, 2018) JMIR Research Protocols (approved October 9, 2019)

What is the impact factor of JMIR?

5.43Journal of Medical Internet Research / Impact Factor (2020)

WHO publishes JMIR?

JMIR Publications Inc.Journal of Medical Internet Research / Publisher

How is JMIR?

in ICT-eHealth and found JMIR as a leading journal in health informatics with a very good turn around time and a good impact factor (5.03). As per Norwegian DBH, it is high ranked (L2).

Is JMIR indexed?

JMIR is indexed in more than 18 bibliographic databases and abstracting services, including Medline [Index Medicus], CINAHL, Information Science Abstracts, INSPEC (Institution of Electrical Engineers), Communication Abstracts, The Informed Librarian Online, LISA (Library and Information Science Abstracts), EMBASE.

Is JMIR a Q1 journal?

For 10 years now, JMIR is consistently ranked in the first quartile (Q1) in both of it’s disciplines, medical informatics (Q1, #2/20, 93rd percentile) and health services research (Q1, #5/87, 94th percentile). It is the top-ranked (#1) journal by 5-year impact factor for a number of years now.