Is FAST university good for CS?

Is FAST university good for CS?

Overall, NUCES FAST is the best University in Pakistan for pursuing a Computer Science degree but like everything else, it has its drawbacks and some of them are very decisive for the future of the students. Pros: The faculty is great. The courses are rigorous and you have to work really hard in order to get grades.

Which government university is best for BSCS in Lahore?

What is BSCS?

  • Why Lahore?
  • List of Government Universities in Lahore for BSCS:
  • Government College University:
  • University of the Punjab / Punjab University:
  • University of Engineering and Technology- Lahore:
  • Information Technology University:
  • COMSATS Institute of Information Technology:
  • Kinnaird College for Women:

Which entry test is required for BSCS?

Applicants can take the ITU Admission Test, SAT, USAT, OR NTS for admission to ITU. The ITU Admission Test will be held at the ITU campus an Arfa Software Technology Park in Lahore. SOPs for Covid-19, as prescribed by the government, will be strictly followed. The test will be 90 mins.

Is FAST university private or government?

The sponsoring body of the University – the Foundation for Advancement of Science and Technology (FAST) was established in 1980. It is registered with the Government of Pakistan as a charitable institution.

What is the salary of BSCS in Pakistan?

BSCS Starting Salary in Semi-Government Jobs

Career Type BSCS Salary in Private Organizations BSCS Starting Salary in Government Jobs
Fresh BSCS Graduates PKR 25000 to PKR 40000 PKR 40000 to PKR 65000
Professional BSCS Graduates (3 Years Experience) PKR 50000 to PKR 100000 PKR 70000 to PKR 65000

Is comsats better than FAST?

FAST and COMSATS are the two top choices for BS CS/IT programs in Pakistan. FAST has been dominating the CS education for a number of years in Pakistan, while COMSATS has shown some extra-ordinary progress in the recent past and has given a tough competition to FAST in this regard.

Is ITU a public sector university?

The Information Technology University (ITU) (Urdu: معلومات تکنیکی جامعہ) is a public university in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan. Founded in 2012, the university was founded and headed by Umar Saif and is modeled after the MIT.

Is superior university good for Bscs?

Doing Bs Cs(hons.) From here its a very good learning experience. Superior provides very good learning opportunities and facilities to its student. Its one of the best universities in pakistan undoubtedly.

Is BSCS a good degree?

Should you do BSCS? The short answer would be yes because every industry is thriving to get their businesses towards automation via some sort of computer programs. Earning a BSCS Degree will not only help you get into big organizations of Pakistan but also help you create unique ideas.

What subjects are in BSCS?

Bachelors of Science in Computer Science, B.S. (C.S.) Degree Program

Semester – I Semester – II
BSCS-301 Introduction to Computer Science – I 2+1
BSCS-303 Mathematics – I (Calculus) 3+0
BSCS-305 Statistics and Data Analysis 2+1
BSCS-307 Physics – I (General Physics) 2+1

Which is better FAST or comsats?

Chances of passing out / graduation rates are higher than FAST. COMSATS is investing heavily in different areas and is progressing at a greater rate. COMSATS may be regarded as a Large Scale University, where you can find variety of students and teachers that will help you broaden your exposure to the real world.

What is the merit of FAST university?

Last year’s Merit List for FAST university will be uploaded soon!…Closing Merit List of 2020.

1st Closing Merit List of FAST University 2020
Electrical Engineering (Lahore) 64
Computer Science (Lahore) 68
Civil Engineering(Lahore) 66
Bachelor of Business Administration(Lahore) 50