Is CT+ A lightening cream?

Is CT+ A lightening cream?

CT+ is a milk formula especially developed for pigmentation problems. This authentic skin lightening therapy is a fruit acid complex formula that targets spots and pigmentation due to a variety of reasons such as sun damage, and/or pregnancy.

What is CT Clear therapy?

CLEAR THERAPY True clarifying therapy, CT + reveals a luminous complexion and flawless in daily use. CT + combines the action of fruit acids (AHA) with glycerin to fade pigment spots, revive the complexion, and help it regain radiance and radiance. Your skin is clarified, revitalized, and perfectly uniform.

How does CT serum work?

The benefits of CT+ Intense Skin Brightening Serum are as follows: Its fruit acids complex is proven to reduce the appearance of pigmentation and brighten the skin. The high concentration of CT+ Serum guarantees a flawless skin texture by unifying action.

Is beauty therapy a bleaching cream?

Beauty Therapy Plus (BT+) Carrot Lotion 300ml BT+ is a unique formula that is formulated to gradually lightens your skin by fading away dark spots , freckles dark patches and stretch marks , given you and the even toned complexion and more youthful look.

Does CT+ serum contain hydroquinone?

High concentration of CT+ Serum guarantees a flawless complexion by unifying action. Use morning or evening. Contain Hydroquinone. Rinse thoroughly after application.

Is CT plus soap?

CT+ Extra Brightening Body Soap Brightening & Purifying Soap.

What is pawpaw cream?

Product Description. PAW PAW cream provides your skin with all the benefits of papaya. With its exfoliating properties, it reduces brown spot, helps smooth the texture of your skin, and unify your complexion. The complexion is even, luminous, and the skin is soft and clean. Ingredients: water.

Is CT serum good for face?

CT+ serum is a special facial fluid care targeting pigmentation problems caused by sun exposure, age and pregnancy. Its fruit acid complex is proven to reduce appearance of pigmentation and brighten the skin. The high concentration of CT+ serum gurantees a flawless complexion by its unifying action.

How do clinics clear oil?

How to use Clinic Clear Body Care Oil Serum:

  1. After the bath, dispense the body oil serum into the palm.
  2. Apply it to damp or dry skin as needed.
  3. Massage it over the entire body until completely absorbed for better results.
  4. Use it twice a daily along with the 7-day magic soap or BioCarrot Soap or Clair White Soap.

Is BT plus a bleaching cream?

The BT Cool Plus bleaching system is equipped with the latest LED blue light technology, delivering more effective, comfortable and reliable in-office whitening without producing heat and noise.

How do you use Clear therapy soap?

How to Use Ct+ Clear Therapy Body Brightening Carrot Soap:

  1. Wet face and neck.
  2. Lather soap between hands and massage gently over skin.
  3. Rinse thoroughly with warm water and follow with a cool rinse.
  4. Use regularly for better results with African Formula Lotion. or 7 Days Magic Carrot Lotion or CT+ Carrot Lotion.