Is Crystal Geyser water still in business?

Is Crystal Geyser water still in business?

Crystal Geyser Water Company or just Crystal Geyser is a private company founded in 1977 in Calistoga, California. They produce bottled sparkling water based on mineral water and spring water sources at their original facility in Calistoga….Crystal Geyser Water Company.

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Where is Crystal Geyser water source?

Olancha, CA The home of our very first natural spring water source and bottling plant originates near Olancha Peak as part of the majestic southern Sierra Mountains. Our Olancha source is protected by its proximity to the Golden Trout Wilderness Area and the Inyo National Forest.

Is Crystal Geyser actually spring water?

Is your Crystal Geyser® Alpine Spring Water® really spring water? A: Our water is 100% natural spring water. All of our spring water plants are built right at the spring sources.

Does Crystal Geyser water have arsenic in it?

The company that produces Crystal Geyser bottled water has been ordered by a federal judge to pay $5 million in fines and serve three years probation for illegally storing and transporting arsenic-laced wastewater from one of their facilities in rural Eastern California, according to the Department of Justice.

What happened to Crystal Geyser Water?

The arsenic-contaminated wastewater was ultimately transported to a Southern California facility that was not authorized to receive or treat hazardous waste. As a result, more than 23,000 gallons of the wastewater from the Arsenic Pond allegedly was discharged into a sewer without appropriate treatment.

What is happening with Crystal Geyser Water?

After Years Of Protests, Crystal Geyser Abandons Bottling Facility Plans In Siskiyou County. A long-dormant water bottling facility owned by Crystal Geyser Water Company outside of Mt. Shasta, CA. In May the company announced it would no longer pursue plans to operate the facility.

Is there anything wrong with Crystal Geyser Water?

Bottled water giant Crystal Geyser has been charged by a grand jury with 16 counts of violating environmental and hazardous waste laws, after the jury viewed evidence that the company improperly disposed of toxic waste, a Department of Justice press release said.

Did you know Crystal Geyser was founded in Napa Valley?

Add a little sparkle to your life. Crystal Geyser was founded in 1977 in Napa Valley, California. Did you know we were the first to introduce flavored sparkling water to the U.S.?

Where does Crystal Geyser® water come from?

Crystal Geyser® Sparkling Spring water is primarily sourced from natural springs in Napa and Sonoma, the heart of California’s wine country. Purified water can come from any source since it is the processing of removing impurities that makes it purified water.

Who is Crystal Geyser® alpine spring water®?

We’re more than just a family-owned and operated company-the Crystal Geyser® Alpine Spring Water® community stretches across all seven of our spring source locations across the country, which includes pretty much anyone who’s ever enjoyed the taste of natural water bottled right at the spring source.

Does Crystal Geyser have any artificial flavors?

With no artificial flavors, zero calories, and no sweeteners, our flavored sparkling waters are enhanced with only natural fruit essences and derived from the purest of sources. Add a little sparkle to your life. Crystal Geyser was founded in 1977 in Napa Valley, California.