Is Cosmic Odyssey canon?

Is Cosmic Odyssey canon?

Some consider the events of Cosmic Odyssey non-canon, but certain plot points such as John Stewart’s failure, and the reunification of the Demon did become canonized in DC continuity.

Who wrote cosmic Superman?

Cosmic Odyssey (comics)

Cosmic Odyssey
No. of issues 4
Main character(s) Superman Batman Green Lantern Martian Manhunter Etrigan Starfire New Gods Darkseid
Creative team
Written by Jim Starlin

What is cosmic Superman?

Cosmic Superman is also known as The Thought Robot and is driven by heroism, memories, and limitless powers in his universe. Looking at the immense powers of Cosmic Armor Superman , it is safe to say that he is the doomsday hero created to end ultimate evil.

Who is cosmic Batman?

The Batman Who Laughs was Bruce Wayne from Earth -22 of the Dark Multiverse. He is a lieutenant of Barbatos and the leader of the Dark Knights during the first Dark Multiverse invasion and, later, the infected heroes of the Secret Six.

Is Thanos a copy of Darkseid?

Thanos (copied from DC’s Darkseid) The Big Bad in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Thanos, is actually an imitation of the Big Bad in the DC universe, Darkseid. The God of Evil, Darkseid, is a universal tyrant who wants to subjugate all reality, is searching for the anti-life equation, and is obsessed with death.

Who is stronger cosmic armor Superman or Dr Manhattan?

Originally Answered: Who would win, Dr. Manhattan or Cosmic Armor Superman? Dr. Manhattan easily.

Is Superman Prime stronger than cosmic armor Superman?

it was stated by DC comics that superman prime one million is the most powerful superhero in history. to which includes cosmic armor superman, as he did exist in his timeline. of course some writers say CA superman was the most powerful superman to exist, and others say superman POM is.

Who can defeat cosmic Armour Superman?

The Phoenix Force has all kinds of powers that would allow it to defeat Superman but its telepathic abilities are the ones that would truly take Superman down. He has no defense against mental manipulation and the Phoenix Force has unfathomable psionic power to use against him.

Will there be a Batman who laughs movie?

Not a movie. Not even a cameo.

Who is the strongest evil Batman?

Bane is one of Batman’s most dangerous and evil villains. He is a genius who uses the Venom serum to give him super strength. He had made Batman’s life a living hell for years and was one of the only people who actually took Batman completely out of action for an extended period of time when he broke his back.