Is ClickASnap free?

Is ClickASnap free?

“Clickasnap is the world’s first, free to use, paid per view still image hosting site,” says CEO Tom Oswald.

How much does click a snap cost?

Payment rates are currently 0.7 cents per view. We are very proud of our high rates in comparison to other popular websites. As long as your balance is over $15, you can request to be paid. For instance Youtube is $0.000640 per view (average) and Spotify is $0.0001 per play (average).

Where can I get copyright free wallpaper?

24+ websites to find free images for your marketing

  • Unsplash. Unsplash — Free image search.
  • Burst (by Shopify) Burst – Free image search, built by Shopify.
  • Pexels. Pexels – free image search.
  • Pixabay. Pixabay – free stock photos.
  • Free Images. Free images – stock photos.
  • Kaboompics.
  • Canva.

What is click a snap?

At ClickASnap we provide the best online photo sharing platform to help you share your images and get paid for it. With over 1 million image views per day, ClickASnap is home to a photo community that allows you to promote your photos and grow your profile, while keeping full control and rights over your images.

How do I cancel ClickASnap?

TERMINATION You may terminate your ClickASnap account, any associated email address and access to the ClickASnap Services by submitting such termination request to ClickASnap.