Is Chaguaramas a peninsula?

Is Chaguaramas a peninsula?

Chaguaramas (pronounced, in the local English dialect, “shag-gah-rah-muss”) lies in the Northwest Peninsula of Trinidad west of Port of Spain; the name is often applied to the entire peninsula, but is sometimes used to refer to its most developed area….Chaguaramas, Trinidad and Tobago.

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How many islands are there in Trinidad?

The country covers an area of 5,128 square kilometres (1,979 sq mi) and consists of two main islands, Trinidad and Tobago, and 21 smaller islands.

What are the islands that surround Trinidad?

Five Islands

  • Caledonia Island.
  • Craig Island (Craig and Caledonia are joined by a man made causeway)
  • Lenagan Island.
  • Nelson Island.
  • Pelican Island.
  • Rock Island.

What is the meaning of Chaguaramas?

the Palms
Another place name with Amerindian origins, Chaguaramas means ‘the Palms’, as there is evidence that it was a place of palms up to Spanish times. Chaguaramas is a village, but it is also a name given to the region named for the village — the southern shore of the northwest peninsula of Trinidad.

Where is the peninsula located in Trinidad?

The coastal area known as Cedros lies on a peninsula at the South-Western end of the island of Trinidad. Located at the tip of the peninsula, Cedros or Bonasse as it is more commonly known especially on maps, lies mere miles off the coast of Venezuela, and is the most southern point in the Caribbean.

What was Trinidad called before?

Name. The original name for the island in the Arawaks’ language was Iëre which meant “Land of the Hummingbird”. Christopher Columbus renamed it La Isla de la Trinidad (‘The Island of the Trinity’), fulfilling a vow he had made before setting out on his third voyage. This has since been shortened to Trinidad.

What are people from Trinidad called?

Trinidadians and Tobagonians, colloquially known as Trinis or Trinbagonians, are the people who are identified with the country of Trinidad and Tobago. The country is home to people of many different national, ethnic and religious origins.

Who are the Caribbeans?

The Caribbean. The Caribbean is a large area extending from the southern coast of the United States to the northern coast of South America, bounded on the west by Mexico and the Central American states and facing out to the Atlantic on the east.

What is the longest river in Trinidad?

Caroni River
The Caroni River is the largest river in Trinidad and Tobago, running for 40 km (25 mi) from its origins in the Northern Range on the island of Trinidad, through the northern lowlands of the Caroni Plains and enters the Gulf of Paria at the Caroni Swamp.