Is Cayman 987 reliable?

Is Cayman 987 reliable?

The good news is that as well as being a great drive, the Boxster 987 is highly reliable and has an MOT pass rate that ranges from 82.3% for 2005 models to 91% for 2010 cars. However, when mechanical problems do occur, they can be expensive to fix unless they are spotted early.

Can you tune a 987 Cayman?

The Handheld device interfaces with the OBD-II port on your vehicle and your computer to complete the tuning process. Simply flash your 987 Boxster / Cayman with a Fabspeed ECU Tune utilizing the included handheld tuner.

What is a Porsche Cayman 987?

Porsche Cayman 987 – The first bespoke two-seater coupe from Zuffenhausen for 30 years! Yep, the last of your everyday Porsche two-seater coupe – the Porsche 914 – ended its lifespan in 1975. Underneath, the Porsche Cayman 987 shares its DNA with the second gen Boxster.

What year is 987 Cayman?

Second generation: Boxster/Cayman (987) (2005–2012)

Do Porsche Cayman S hold their value?

Porsche Cayman Because the average Cayman will hold onto 68.1 per cent of its value, that means owners can expect to lose only £15,475 after three years and 36,000 miles. That said, although the Cayman is the entry-level Porsche coupe, as we point out in our review it’s certainly no poor- man’s choice.

Are Porsche Cayman S fast?

Despite being the most toned-down Porsche, along with the Boxster of course, the Cayman is still quick, especially the Cayman S and GTS models, which are slightly enhanced versions. Across all variants and years, the Cayman S has a top speed of around 170 mph and will accelerate from 0-60 mph in around 4 seconds.

Does Cayman have Turbo?

Just like the 718 Boxster S, the more powerful engine in the 718 Cayman S is equipped with a turbocharger featuring variable turbine geometry (VTG), similar to that of the 911 Turbo models. The maximum boost pressure of the 718 Cayman S is 14.5 psi (1.0 bar).