Is Benziger wine good?

Is Benziger wine good?

Benziger wines have character and conscience. They’re not only great in the glass, they’re grown in a way that’s good for the Earth. Authentic, distinct, and delicious.

Who owns Benziger Family Winery?

The Wine GroupBenziger Family Winery / Parent organizationThe Wine Group is an American alcoholic beverage company founded in 1981, and based in Livermore, California. Wikipedia

Is Benziger Chardonnay oaked?

WINEMAKING | This cool climate gives us Chardonnay with natural acidity. All of the fruit was whole-cluster pressed before cold barrel fermentation. We fermented and aged the wine in Hungarian oak barrels for nine months.

Is Rombauer chardonnay oaky?

No! Our use of oak barrels is extremely important to our signature style. 100% of our Chardonnay is both fermented and then lightly aged in oak barrels, a mixture of French and American.

What is Rombauer chardonnay?

OVERVIEW. Details. Carneros, Napa, CA- Rombauer Carneros Chardonnay is a rich wine with layers of tropical fruit, peaches and pears. The fruit opens up into creamy textures of apples and pears that glide across the palate. Hints of citrus and rich oak tones highlight the wine’s lingering finish.

Who owns Glen Ellen?

Today, London-based drinks giant Diageo announced the sale of its Glen Ellen and M.G. Vallejo brands to Franzia Winery, a California-based company known for its box wines.

Where are the Benziger from?

RCL Benziger is a Roman Catholic book-publishing house founded in 1792 by Joseph Charles Benziger in Einsiedeln, Switzerland.

What is similar to Rombauer Chardonnay?

Aloha Gang!

  • Miner Family “Napa Valley” Chardonnay 2009 (#4908) $24.75/Bottle; $20/Bottle (BTG)
  • Truchard Vineyard “Estate” Chardonnay, Carneros, Napa Valley 2009 (#9950) REG:
  • Saintsbury “Brown Ranch” Chardonnay, Carneros 2008 (#9717) $30.50/Bottle; (Special.
  • Is Rombauer Chardonnay full bodied?

    This rich white wine has zesty aromas of ripe peach, melon, and mango. The full-bodied wine has a distinct creamy and buttery feel from oak aging.

    What is the best year for Rombauer Chardonnay?

    It took hard work and determination. In 1993 Rombauer’s Carneros Chardonnay 1991 vintage made Wine Spectator’s prestigious Top 100 Wines list, ranking No.

    Who owns Rombauer Chardonnay?

    Koerner Rombauer
    Rombauer Vineyards celebrates its 35th anniversary as a family-owned winery in Napa Valley, operated by Koerner Rombauer and his children, KR and Sheana (both pictured).