Is Ben Cohen married to Kristina Rihanoff?

Is Ben Cohen married to Kristina Rihanoff?

Strictly Come Dancing star Kristina Rihanoff, 44, has opened up to The Sun’s Fabulous magazine about motherhood and life with partner Ben Cohen’s daughters. Kristina and Ben share five-year-old daughter Mila, and Ben has two 14-year-old twins, Harriette and Isabelle, from his previous marriage.

Who did Ben Cohen dance with on Strictly?

Kristina Rihanoff
The former couple split in 2014 after 11 years of marriage Strictly Come Dancing star Ben Cohen made headlines when he embarked on a relationship with his professional dance partner Kristina Rihanoff in 2014.

Is Kristina Rihanoff still with Joe Calzaghe?

Russian blonde Rihanoff seduced former World Champion boxer Joe Calzaghe when they were partnered up in 2009. Calzaghe split with his model girlfriend of five years, Jo-Emma Larvin, after he signed up for the show. Kristina and Joe split up in 2013, after four years together, blaming their hectic work schedules.

Who did Ben Cohen married?

Abbie Blayney CohenBen Cohen / Spouse (m. 2003–2016)

Who is Kristina Rihanoff partner?

Ben CohenKristina Rihanoff / Partner

When did Kristina Rihanoff leave Strictly?

Kristina joined Strictly in Series 6, dancing with John Sergeant. They hit the headlines several times over the series, until their departure in week nine. In 2009, Kristina took to the floor with boxer Joe Calzaghe where they danced their way through to week five….Kristina Rihanoff.

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Is Ben Cohen and Kristina still together?

However, their marriage was hit with the dread ‘Strictly curse’ when it was revealed in 2015 that Ben had left his wife to pursue a relationship with Kristina. The pair are still together and they now have a young daughter called Milena – who was born in 2016.

Is Ben Cohen deaf?

Cohen was married to Abby Blayney, with twin daughters Harriette and Isabelle (born 2008). He is clinically deaf, with about 30 to 33 percent hearing loss in each ear, and has been involved in efforts to make rugby more accessible to the hard of hearing, especially young deaf players.