Is Apush easier than AP World?

Is Apush easier than AP World?

The responses here are pretty surprising, since for myself and most people I know world is definitely easier than apush. World class is 1000x easier. Old world AP test harder than new APUSH ap test format…

What is the Hippo method?

A way to extend the analysis of primary and secondary source documents. 1. Historical Context. Analysis of ‘Historical Context’ involves connecting a document to specific historical events, to specific circumstances of time and place, and/or to broader regional, national, or global processes.

How do I format SAQ?

SAQ Overview

  1. Must write within square space, no exceptions.
  2. Do each part of the question (typically A, B, C) separately, not as one paragraph with all 3 responses.
  3. Each response can be a good sentence or two. Try to be brief and accurate.
  4. Must be complete sentences. No bullet points.

What is the purpose of this document?

Although there are many explicit purposes for creating a scientific or technical document, there are four general categories: to provide information, to give instructions, to persuade the reader, and to enact (or prohibit) something.

What does point of view mean in Hipp?

context, intended audience, purpose

What does the O in Hippo stand for Apush?

Historical Context= Intended Audience= Point-of-View= Purpose= Outside Information=

What are the four components of the Hipp strategy for analyzing sources?

In the past, several sets of ideas have been put forth by teachers around the country with most involving students identifying four key elements: 1) Historical context; 2) Intended audience; 3) Point of view; and 4) Purpose of the documents (aka H.I.P.P.). Thus, many seem to be some iteration of H.I.P.P.

Where does outside evidence go in a Dbq?

The Outside Evidence points states: Uses at least one additional piece of the specific historical evidence (beyond that found in the documents) relevant to an argument about the prompt. The key to getting the point is to use your outside evidence to advance your argument.

What is Hippo in writing?

HISTORICAL CONTEXT – (Explain. the events, ideas, and views. around the time period of the. document.)

What does it mean to Hipp a document?

● You need to include one aspect of HIPP (historical context, intended audience, purpose, point of view) for at least 3 documents and explain how this evidence is relevant to your argument to earn one point.