Is 09 number free in France?

Is 09 number free in France?

The 09 prefix was introduced for non-geographic numbers and special services in September 2006 and older numbers such as 08 7x xx xx xx (used for VoIP in Internet boxes) were replaced by 09 5x xx xx xx (telephone service offered by Internet service provider Free, later followed by other French ISPs).

Are 08 numbers free in France?

Many French companies use non-geographic telephone numbers. They may be free, but are just as likely to be premium rate numbers. Watch out in particular for numbers beginning with ’08’. Although some are free, (0800, 0805 0809 08088….)

How do I call a toll free number in France?

So, if you are trying to call 800-555-1212, dial 00 1 880 555 1212 instead.

How do I call locally from France?

To call France, simply: Dial the international access code for your country: for North America, this is 011; for the UK and other European countries, dial 00….How to Dial a French Telephone Number From Abroad.

Country Calling Code International Call Prefix Trunk Prefix
33 00 0

What area code is 09?

09: Western Australia, Christmas Island and the Cocos Keeling Islands.

Where is 08 number from?

Area codes

Area code Region State or territory
03 South East Victoria, Tasmania
04 Mobile telephones Australia-wide
07 North East Queensland
08 Central and West Western Australia, South Australia, Northern Territory

What is an 08 number in France?

France by Telephone Area Codes The prefixes 06 and 07 are reserved for mobiles. The 08 is reserved for special numbers. But beware, these 08 numbers can be free (Numéros Verts) or/and premium rate numbers (Numéros Indigo) used by corporations. The telephone area code 09 is reserved for Internet Access Providers.

How do I call a 08 number in France?

Numbers that start with 06 or 07 indicate cellphones, and numbers starting with 01 through 05 indicate different regions in France….How to Dial from Within France.

01 Ile-de-France
06 / 07 Mobile phone
08 Customer service numbers
09 VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) numbers

Is 04 a free number?

Landline numbers in the UAE Landline to landline calls in the UAE are free, regardless of the telecom service provider you are using, or the emirate you are calling.

How do you call a +33 number?

Follow the steps below:

  1. Dial the exit code 011. This will let your carrier know you’re going to make an international call.
  2. Dial 33, the country code for France. This will let your carrier know you’re going to call France from the US.
  3. Enter the area code.
  4. Dial the phone number.

How do I call a landline in France?

Calling France from the USA

  1. Dial 011, the exit code.
  2. Dial 33, the country code for France.
  3. Dial 1, the area code for Paris.
  4. Dial 66-66-66-66, the phone number.