How to draw a cute candy cane?

How to draw a cute candy cane?

Let’s begin this drawing by creating our first candy cane line that looks a lot like a hook or walking aid.

  • Now,at each point of your line,create a slightly curved horizontal line about 1.5cm in length extending outwardly.
  • In this step,we are essentially completing the outline of our candy by replicating what we did in step one.
  • Now comes my favorite part of this candy cane drawing which is the swirls. We will use slightly curved lines that follow the path of the candy cane.
  • Around the midpoint of your candy cane,change the direction of your curve. Up until now,the inside of your curved lines was progressing downward.
  • Add about half a dozen of these lines until your last line ends towards the base of your candy cane.
  • How do you draw a candy cane?

    1. Begin by drawing a pair of straight,parallel lines,slanted diagonally. These lines form the straight portion of the candy cane.

  • 2. Draw a long,curved line,connecting the tops of the parallel lines. Note how the line curves in a “U” shape,doubling back on itself to form the
  • 3. Draw an irregular circle in the middle of the candy cane. This will form the knot of the bow.
  • 4. Use a long,curved line to draw one side of the bow. Extend the line outwards from the knot,and curve it so that it has two lobes before
  • What is the candy cane a symbol of?

    There are many other legends and religious beliefs surrounding the humble candy cane. Many of them depict the candy cane as a secret symbol for Christianity during a time when Christians were living under more oppressive circumstances.

    What does the candy cane resemble?

    candy cane in AZ Dictionary. (n) A usually striped stick of peppermint candy aided by the top curved to look like a walking cane. (n) An edible candy by means of a cane or staff, typically eaten during the holiday season and often having a peppermint taste. (n) a tough candy in the form of a rod (usually with stripes)