How old is Shane Meadows?

How old is Shane Meadows?

49 years (December 26, 1972)Shane Meadows / Age

Did Anthony hang himself in Dead Mans Shoes?

This final episode of abuse culminates with Anthony actually hanging himself after his ‘friends’ run off. It then becomes clear that Richard has been alone the whole time, and talking to a vision of his dead brother.

When was Shane Meadows born?

December 26, 1972 (age 49 years)Shane Meadows / Date of birth
Shane Meadows was born on 26 December 1972 in Uttoxeter, Staffordshire, and grew up in Nottingham. That city’s estates and suburbs have provided the locations and settings for all his work to date. While on the dole, Meadows completed some twenty-five short films shot on a borrowed video camcorder.

How old is Paddy Considine?

48 years (September 5, 1973)Paddy Considine / Age

Is this is England based on Shane Meadows life?

The most directly autobiographical of Meadows’s work, This Is England is set in 1983 and stars Thomas Turgoose as Shaun Fields, an unhappy young lad who joins a cheerful skinhead group, led by Woody (Joseph Gilgun) and girlfriend Lol (Vicky McClure).

Who owns warp?

Anton founder and CEO Sebastien Raybaud said: “Warp Films’ exhilarating and visionary productions always stand above the crowd. We share Mark and Peter’s belief in storytelling and entertainment first, and their unique slate shows that can manifest in many electrifying forms.

Was Dead Mans shoes based on a true story?

Director Shane Meadows based the movie on a true story about a young man from his hometown who died. Presumably, then, Meadows gets some sort of catharsis out of it.

How much did Dead man’s shoes make?

Dead Man’s Shoes (2006)

Theatrical Performance
Domestic Box Office $6,408 Details
International Box Office $408,328 Details
Worldwide Box Office $414,736
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How did Shane Meadows get into filmmaking?

In 1994, Shane’s first step into the world of film making was to volunteer his services at the Nottingham based Intermedia Film and Video Ltd. With a growing catalogue of short films under his belt, Shane and friends tried approaching local festivals and venues in an effort to get their films screened to an audience.

Is Paddy Considine married?

Shelley ConsidinePaddy Considine / Spouse (m. 2002)

Is Craig Considine related to Paddy Considine?

Mark and Marie’s two little boys Craig and Matt were played by real life brothers Craig and Matt Considine, Paddy Considine’s nephews.

How true is This Is England?

Though that might be fairly obvious to some, the story is more autobiographical than you’d think and both film and series are based on his experiences growing up in the East Midlands, particularly Uttoxeter and the Sneinton area of Nottingham, where he styled himself out as a skinhead.