How old is Renato Sanches?

How old is Renato Sanches?

24 years (August 18, 1997)Renato Sanches / Age

Is Eusebio still alive?

January 5, 2014Eusébio / Date of death

Where was Renato Sanches born?

Amadora, PortugalRenato Sanches / Place of birthAmadora is a municipality and urbanized city in the northwest of the Lisbon metropolitan area and 10 km from central Lisbon. The population in 2011 was 175,136, in an area of 23.78 km². It is the most densely populated municipality in Portugal. Wikipedia

How old is Diego Dalit?

23 years (March 18, 1999)Diogo Dalot / Age

How much is Renato Sanches worth 22?

Renato Sanches FIFA 22 is 24 years old and has 4* skills and 4* weakfoot, and is Right footed. Renato Sanches’s price on the xbox market is 2,400 coins (9 min ago), playstation is 2,100 coins (56 min ago) and pc is 2,400 coins (9 min ago).

What kit number is Renato Sanches?

Renato Sanches

Season club
19/20 Portugal 16
18/19 Portugal 8
18/19 Portugal 16
17/18 Portugal U21 8

Who is better Eusébio or Ronaldo?

Ronaldo has 440 goals in 568… Eusébio still holds the record for most goals scored in one world cup by a Portugal player (9). He also has a slightly better goal per game ratio for the national team (0.64) compared to C. Ronaldo (0.60).

Is Renato Sanches left or right footed?

Renato Sanches is 24 years old (1997/08/18) and he is 176cm tall. His preferred foot is Right. His jersey number is 10.

How old is WAN Bissaka?

24 years (November 26, 1997)Aaron Wan-Bissaka / Age

How much does Diogo Dalot earn?

Current Contract Diogo Dalot signed a 5 year / £6,500,000 contract with the Manchester United F.C., including an annual average salary of £1,300,000. In 2021, Dalot will earn a base salary of £1,300,000, while carrying a cap hit of £1,300,000.

Is Renato Sanches a CDM?

You can play him on CDM, CM, CAM, if necessary also on the wings.

What number is Renato Sanches?

18LOSC Lille / Midfielder
16Portugal national football team / Midfielder
Renato Sanches/Number