How much is a complete wheat penny collection worth?

How much is a complete wheat penny collection worth?

Most wheat cents (wheat pennies were minted between 1909 and 1956) are worth about 4 to 5 cents. Those in better condition can have double-digit value. Special examples (especially those in near perfect condition) can be worth much more. Indian Head pennies from 1859 to 1879 are generally worth more than $10.

What wheat pennies are collectors looking for?

Most Valuable Wheat Pennies

  • 1944 Steel Wheat Penny – $500,000.
  • 1943 Copper Wheat Penny – $100,000.
  • 1914 D Wheat Penny – $10,000.
  • 1922 D Wheat Penny – $6,000.
  • 1926 Wheat Penny – $4,000.

What is the rarest wheat penny date?

1914-D. The 1914-D Lincoln Wheat penny is another key date in the series, and is the most valuable non-error penny. With a mintage of 1,193,000 it has one of the lowest mintages in the Wheat Cent series.

Why are D pennies valuable?

1944-D Lincoln Penny on a Zinc-Coated Steel Planchet In fact, over 430 million of them were struck. What makes this coin extremely valuable is the fact that it was struck on a zinc-coated steel planchet. These steel planchets were used primarily in 1943.

How much is a 1955 wheat penny worth?

The value of a 1955 penny minted at the Philadelphia mint is $0.02 if it’s in good or fine condition. One minted at the San Francisco mint is priced a little higher, at $0.03. If the 1955 S penny is proof, its price shoots to about $22. 1955-D pennies are worth $0.30 in uncirculated conditions.

What is a 1926 wheat penny worth?

The 1926 wheat penny with no mint mark is worth around $0.20 in good condition. In very fine condition the value is around $0.50. In extremely fine condition the value is around $2. In uncirculated condition the price is around $8 for coins with an MS 60 grade.

What year Wheat penny is worth $1000000?

A 1943 Lincoln penny that soared in value because it was made from the “wrong” material reportedly has sold for $1 million. The penny was erroneously made of bronze instead of zinc-coated steel at the San Francisco Mint, according to UPI news agency.

What is a 1926 Wheat penny worth?

Why is a 1959-d penny worth so much?

1959-D Lincoln Mule Penny Error There are many types of different mint errors that can occur during the minting process. Some are very subtle and worth a very small premium. Other errors can be very large and noticeable. It is these large errors that are very rare as they are normally found before leaving the Mint.

Are 1943 steel pennies worth anything?

Because they are quite common, a 1943 penny in circulated condition is not worth much. According to USA Coin Book, a steel penny from 1943 in circulated condition is worth between 16 cents and 53 cents. However, Heritage Auctions sells 1943 steel pennies in pristine, uncirculated condition for more than $1,000.