How much does Spectrum DVR cost?

How much does Spectrum DVR cost?

The hidden costs of Spectrum TV plans

Fee Amount
DVR service package (2–4 DVRs) $9.99/mo.
Cloud DVR $5.00/mo.
HBO Max™ $15.00/mo.
CINEMAX® $9.99/mo.

Does Spectrum charge extra for DVR?

Is there an extra charge for DVR service? Yes. Spectrum’s DVR service is available for an extra charge with a TV subscription.

Can you buy a Spectrum DVR?

Cost of Spectrum DVR Spectrum’s DVR service is one of the best, costing just $12.99 a month per DVR. If you want to get their device, they offer a DVR or HD-DVR Set-Top Box and Remote Package for $11.75/mo., which comes with a Set-Top Box, the Guide, and a Remote. Enhanced DVR costs $15.99/mo.

How much does a charter box cost?

The Hidden Cost of Charter Cable TV

Service Fee
Broadcast TV Surcharge $13.50 per month
Set-top box $7.99 per month
DVR service Fee $12.99 per month
DVR Equipment Rental $11.99 per month

How much is Spectrum DVR monthly?

Does Spectrum TV have fees?

Fee Monthly price
TV receiver with remote $8.99/mo. each
DVR fee $4.99/mo.
DVR fee for 2+ set-top boxes $9.99/mo.
Broadcast fee Up to $17.99/mo.

Which Spectrum DVR is best?

Best DVR for Spectrum Cable TV: Spectrum201 Both offer the same quality service and identical features so whichever you get your hands on will surely improve your TV experience. It works well for SD and HD channels, which is great.

How much does it cost to buy a DVR?

A stand-alone set-top DVR unit can cost anywhere from $100 to $1,000, with subscriptions averaging about $13 a month. Most units hold around 40 hours of programming; if you want more storage, the price will go up.