How much does it cost to ferry to Russell Island?

How much does it cost to ferry to Russell Island?

The quickest way to get from Redland Bay to Russell Island is to ferry which costs $16 – $22 and takes 33 min.

How do you get your car to Russell Island?

Getting there Passenger and vehicle ferries depart from Weinam Creek Marina, Banana Street, Redland Bay: Southern Moreton Bay Island Ferry – 07 3206 8033 – passenger ferry. Stradbroke Ferries – 07 3488 5300 – vehicle ferry.

How much does it cost to take your car to Russell Island?

Prices effective from 1 April 2021 until 31 March 2022

To / From Redland Bay One Way Price
Vehicles Standard Residents
Standard Car (up to 5.4m long and under 2.0m wide) $67.50 $56.00
Large Car or 4WD (5.5m-6.4m long and under 2.0m wide) $78.50 $67.50
Motorbike $25.00 $20.60

How much is the barge to Moreton Island?

Return Boat Launch Transfer Prices from Brisbane (Holt St Wharf)

Guest Type: Price:
Adult $84
Child (3-14 years) $46
Infant (0-2 years) Free

Can you live in a caravan on Russell Island?

Caravan and trailers, which are attached to a vehicle, can travel to the Island. The cost is approx $13.50 each way per metre.

Can you take your car to Russell Island?

Many residents have spectacular views down the length of the island and overlooking Canaipa Passage to North Stradbroke Island. It’s easily accessible from the mainland, only 20 minutes by passenger ferry from Redland Bay or you can bring your car on the regular daily vehicle ferry services.

How long is the barge to Russell Island?

approximately 1 hour
The ferry trips take approx 20 mins direct to Russell Island and the average trip on the barge to Russell Island is approximately 1 hour and to the other islands between 35 to 45 minutes.

How long does the barge take to Moreton?

Amity Trader operates a vehicle barge service from Victoria Point on the mainland to Reeders Point at Kooringal, Moreton Island. A one-way trip takes just over 2 hours depending on the tides. Barges mostly run once-a-month to and from Moreton Island, primarily serving the local community.

Why is Russell Island land so cheap?

The only reason why land is cheap is because there is so much of it!! Russell Island is an absolute beautiful place to live, I was so surprised that it is only a 15-20min scenic ferry then only 35 min drive to Brisbane and 40 min to Gold coast.

Is there flooding on Russell Island?

There are no rivers to flood on the island. Brisbane has flooded several times but the islands have not flooded. Some water may lie across the roads after very heavy rain but most times you can drive through.

What is it like living on Russell Island?

The island has been cleaned up a lot. Lots of building going on and quality tenants due to scarce rental availability has driven out many of the undesirables. The area is in and around Port Street, Moreton Outlook, Cook Street. It’s a very quiet neighbourhood.