How much does a partner at Burges Salmon earn?

How much does a partner at Burges Salmon earn?

Burges Salmon’s most recently available financial results show an average profit per equity partner (PEP) of about £446,000 — a figure that remains down from a 2015 high of £523,000, partly due to investment in, among other things, a new Edinburgh office (opened in May 2019 but not offering training contracts for now) …

Is Burges Salmon a good firm?

Burges Salmon is the independent UK law firm which delivers the best mix of advice, service and value. The firm prides itself on delivering an excellent standard of legal and business advice to its clients, which has led to many of the firm’s practice areas and sectors winning awards and recognition as best in class.

Do Burges Salmon recruit on a rolling basis?

Please note that we do not recruit on a rolling basis and we will not review applications until after the deadline has passed. Burges Salmon is an equal opportunities employer. Please note that we operate a blind recruitment policy.

How much do lawyers make per case?

Their clients do not pay them anything until the lawyer wins the case or it settles. This means that the lawyers earn a percentage of the settlement or the judgment awarded by the court. This fee ranges from 33% to 50% of the proceeds from the case, plus any legal expenses incurred.

What work does Burges Salmon do?

It is most noted for providing clients with tax planning advice on inbound investments, fund formation, real estate transactions and corporate restructurings, assisting a variety of national and international clients from the Bristol office.

How many lawyers does Burges Salmon have?

Burges Salmon

Headquarters Bristol, United Kingdom
No. of offices Bristol, London and Edinburgh
No. of lawyers 400+
No. of employees 600+
Major practice areas General practice

What do Burges Salmon look for?

Communication: we are looking for people who can convey complicated messages easily and efficiently. Common sense: we are looking for people with an ability to apply their legal knowledge in a practical way that is useful for our clients.

Do Pinsent Masons recruit on a rolling basis?

Law firms which do not recruit on a rolling basis Pinsent Masons (website “After the deadline, we’ll review all applications…”)

Is Burges Salmon a good place to start a career?

Corporate law firms often struggle to differentiate themselves, but Burges Salmon genuinely stands out from the crowd with a model that sees it do a large amount of City of London work mostly from Bristol. Allied to a prevailing organisational niceness, this makes it a really good place to start one’s career, current trainees tell us.

What is Burges Salmon’s average leave the office time?

Legal Cheek’s survey data shows that Burges Salmon’s average leave the office time is creeping towards 7pm. Where trainees and juniors do agree is home-working support.

Where are the highest-paid solicitors in Bristol?

With London lawyer remuneration rises starting to filter out of London, Burges Salmon has made sure that its young lawyers continue to be the joint highest earners in Bristol — upping its newly qualified solicitor salary in the city to £50,000.

Why is Bristol’s solicitors called sardines and salmon?

Its reputation as Bristol’s pre-eminent firm allowed it for many years to run a “Sardines/Salmon” recruitment campaign, which contrasted London commuters packed into a Tube carriage with the West Country’s open spaces. The firm also played on its name with salmon-pink notepaper and fish-themed branding.