How much does a law conversion cost UK?

How much does a law conversion cost UK?

According to The Lawyer Portal, the cost of the GDL course is around £5,000-£12,000, but this might be higher or lower depending on the institution. Unfortunately, you cannot use a student loan to fund the GDL, but many institutions offer GDL scholarships, which will help reduce the cost slightly.

Is it better to do law or a law conversion?

Studying law is the quicker way to a legal career. To put it simply, completing a conversion course takes up more of your time, while navigating the fairly complicated field of vacation scheme and training contract applications is arguably easier to do from a law degree.

How long is a law conversion course UK?

approximately 18 months
How long does the GDL take? The course fits approximately 18 months’ worth of content from a three-year law degree into one-year full time or two years part time. Each week you’ll have around 45 hours of lectures, tutorials, and self-study culminating in a three-hour final exam on each subject.

Is a law conversion hard?

Essentially, you’ll be condensing three years worth of LLB course content into just ten months, so yes, the conversion course is likely to be difficult! Passing it takes huge commitment and academic talent, so graduating with the qualification is a great achievement.

What is a conversion degree UK?

What is a conversion course? Conversion courses are intensive postgraduate programmes that allow you to pursue a career that your undergraduate degree or professional career hasn’t prepared you for.

Are Gdls respected?

The GDL is a fantastic way to condense essential knowledge into a year of studying. It’s a route towards becoming a solicitor or a barrister, but it doesn’t command much respect in any other field.

Is LLB a qualifying law degree UK?

The LLB is a three-year higher education qualifying law degree which leads to the next stage in training to enter the legal profession: either the LPC for solicitors (soon to be replaced by the SQE) or the BPTC for barristers.

Is a GDL better than a law degree?

You might consider the LLB if you want a less intensive academic experience and would like extra time to apply for vacation schemes and training contracts. The benefit of the GDL is its shorter timeframe – it enables you to complete the course in half the time and save considerably on costs.

How do I become a barrister without a law degree?

You can become a lawyer without a law degree. Once you have completed your undergraduate degree, you will need to complete a 1-year law conversion course known as a Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL)or Solicitors Qualifying Examination (SQE), which is mainly exams-based.

Can you do the GDL online?

The online Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL Online) is your pathway into practice. It is one of the conversion courses you can study if you have an undergraduate degree in a non-law subject and want to study law at a postgraduate level.

Is it worth doing a law degree UK?

A law degree is a great qualification to obtain employment – law graduates have the 6th highest employment rate – and bear in mind up to 60% of all law graduates chose to use their law degree to gain jobs other than in the legal profession.

Can you study law with another degree?

If you have a degree in another subject, you can study an accelerated course that’ll give you the legal knowledge needed to get to the same level as someone with an undergraduate Law degree.

What are the costs of a law degree&GDL?

Costs of a law degree & the GDL… A university degree will currently set you back up to £9,000 a year – with most courses lasting either three or four years. Non-law students and those who study BA law rather than the LLB, will then have to fork out for a GDL, and then their chosen vocational course.

What is a law conversion course?

Over 1-2 years (full time or part time), law conversion courses cover seven foundational legal subjects: EU law, public law, land law, tort law, criminal law, contract law, and equity and trusts. The goal is for non-law graduates to get an education that puts them on the same level as those who did get a law degree in undergrad.

How much does it cost to study law in the UK?

Non-law students and those who study BA law rather than the LLB, will then have to fork out for a GDL, and then their chosen vocational course. The average fees for the GDL currently stand at £7,250 to £10,200, whilst the LPC costs around £7,500 to £14,765, and the BPTC even more at £12,965 to £18,175.

What is the law conversion LLM from Brighton?

This Law Conversion LLM from Brighton is recognized by the Bar Standards Board and Solicitors Regulation Authority. It’s a skill-based, practice-led course taught by lecturers and supplemented with guest talks from judges and local practitioners of law.