How much does a cat 982m weigh?

How much does a cat 982m weigh?

Operating Weight 35 563 kg 78,240 lb • Weight based on a machine configuration with Bridgestone 875/65R29 VLTS L4 radial tires, full fluids, operator, standard counterweight, cold start, roading fenders, Product Link, open differential axles (front/rear), secondary steering, sound suppression, and a 6.1 m3 (8.0 yd3) …

What is a 2 pass loader?

When every cycle counts, get the bucket that maximizes productivity without wasting payload, fuel or time. Designed to hold a true 10-yards heaped, this bucket reduces the passes needed to fill trucks to capacity.

How much is a Cat wheel loader?

Wheel Loader Prices CAT’s Compact wheel loaders a base price ranging from about $55,000 to $125,000. Small wheel loaders have a base price of $130,000 to $180,000. Mid-size wheel loaders begin at $215,000 to $475,000. Large wheel loaders begin at $800,000 to $1 million.

How much does a CAT 988 weight?

109249 lbs
Operating Specifications

Alternator Supplied Amperage 100 A
Hinge Pin Height, Unloaded 16.2 ft (5 m)
Hydraulic System Fluid Capacity 70.5 gal (267 l)
Operating Voltage 24 V V
Operating Weight 109249 lbs (49,555 kg)

What is a yard loader?

The responsibilities of a yard loader operator include hauling materials in a loader safely and efficiently at a construction site.

How many tons is a loader bucket?

Your bucket would hold about 1300 pounds, give or take on how full you fill it. Most coal yards use a small bobcat type loader to serve pickup trucks. One level scoop is usually around 1/2 ton.

What are loaders used for?

What Can a Loader Be Used For? Loaders are often seen on construction sites and excavation jobs. Its large bucket is handy for scooping and moving dirt and rocks away from an excavation site and loading it into trucks. Loaders can also help to transport material around site.