How much do cops in CT make?

How much do cops in CT make?

Police officer salary by state

State Name Average Salary
Arizona $50,916
California $104,790
Colorado $74,550
Connecticut $71,350

How do I become a cop in Connecticut?

In Connecticut, the standards for local police officers include:

  1. Be a US Citizen.
  2. Have a high school diploma or GED.
  3. Be 21 years of age.
  4. Pass a written entry test.
  5. Have no felony convictions, nor have been convicted of any class A or B misdemeanors.
  6. Pass a background check.
  7. Have a valid driver’s license.

How long does it take to become a cop in Connecticut?

approximately 28 weeks
The majority (90%) of police recruits go through POST’s program at the Connecticut Police Academy in Meriden, Connecticut. The basic training program at the Connecticut Police Academy is approximately 28 weeks long.

What is a cop salary?

60,270 USD (2015)
67,290 USD (2020)
Police officer/Median pay (annual)

How much does a Connecticut state trooper make?

State Police Trooper Trainee

Location Bethany, CT Bridgeport, CT Canaan, CT Colchester, CT Hartford, CT Killingly, CT Litchfield, CT Montville, CT Southbury, CT Tolland, CT Westbrook, CT
Date Opened 4/15/2019 10:00:00 AM
Salary $41,603/year – $1,593.99/bi-weekly (After Graduation $57,441/year – $2,200.81/bi-weekly)

What are the requirements to become a police officer in Connecticut?

Applicants are required to pass a Physical Agility Test prior to appointment. Incumbents in this class must establish residence within Connecticut just prior to completion of the State Police (Municipal) Training Academy. Incumbents must possess and retain a current Connecticut Motor Vehicle Operator’s license during employment.

What is the starting salary for a CT police officer?

Starting salary for CT certified officers is currently grade “A” step of $82,340. All Candidates will be required to successfully complete a written examination, oral interview, the current P.O.S.T physical assessment (Cooper Test) and a Chief’s interview.

What does northwest Connecticut Public Safety Communications do?

Northwest Connecticut Public Safety Communications… Performs emergency medical, fire and police dispatch and crisis intervention services. Under the direct supervision of the Director of Operations, to provide…

How do I apply for a job with Connecticut Das?

The application to hire process is separated into six stages: Application Period: Apply for the PST Job Opening posted on the Connecticut DAS Job Openings webpage . Physical Fitness Assessment: Candidates must take and pass a Physical Fitness Assessment that measures muscular strength, cardiovascular endurance and flexibility.