How many Weight Watchers points is a Kit Kat?

How many Weight Watchers points is a Kit Kat?

Chocolate Halloween Candy With Freestyle Points

Candy Points Carbs
Kit Kat, fun size 2 5.6
M&M’s, plain, fun size 4 10.6
M&M’s, peanut, fun size 4 10.5
Milk Duds, fun size 3 8.8

What chocolate bar has the least Weight Watchers points?

Chocolate classics

  • If you’re looking for just a taste, a 3 Musketeers or a single Hershey’s Kiss are your best bets at just 1 SmartPoints value each.
  • Snickers Full Size: 12 SmartPoints value, Fun Size: 4 SmartPoints value, Mini: 2 SmartPoints value.

How many points is a curly wurly on Weight Watchers?

That Curly Wurly chocolate bars were ‘allowed’ whilst aiming for weight loss on Weight Watchers. Well, everything’s allowed, in moderation, but Curly Wurlys were only 3 ProPoints. To put this into perspective, I was allowed about 29 ProPoints a day so 3 of those was less than 10% – perfect for a treat.

Is a Kitkat healthy?

Health Benefits Kit Kat chocolates are a quick source of carbohydrate,and help ward off hunger. Since Kit Kat has layers of milky chocolate, it is high in calories and sugar content and should be eaten in moderation. Else, it may cause dental caries.

How many points is dark chocolate on Weight Watchers?

3 PointsPlus
3 PointsPlus value per pouch. All Weight Watchers by Whitman’s products are made from the freshest and finest ingredients.

How many smart points are in a purple snack?

Sweet Snacks that are 3 Points or Less on Purple Plan They’re 2 points each on Purple Plan!

How many points is a skinny bar?

Skinny Whip Bars – 4 Points They’re available in a wide range of flavours, and don’t taste like over sweetened “diet chocolate” like most of the low point WW snacks released by Weight Watchers themselves.

How many smart points is dark chocolate?

Dove Promises Dark Chocolate | 4 SmartPoints for 2.

How many points are Twizzlers on Weight Watchers?

Twizzlers – Twist: 1 point on all MyWW color plans, Snack Size: 1 point on all MyWW color plans. Skittles – Fun Size: 3 points on all MyWW color plans.

What snacks are 0 points on Weight Watchers?

0-Point Weight Watchers Snacks

  • A cup of fresh cherries. Unsweetened and unprocessed cherries are a great snack option when you follow a WW diet.
  • Melon balls with mint.
  • Fruit kabobs.
  • Mixed berries.
  • Fresh figs.
  • Watermelon slices.
  • Chilled grapes and sugar-free lime Jell-O.
  • Frozen non-fat Greek yogurt-covered blueberries.

How many WW points is a Klondike bar?

8 PointsPlus
A Klondike Bar in the single serving package is 8 PointsPlus Value and one from a 6-pack package is 7 PointsPlus Value! (The bars in the single serving packages are larger, thus the difference in PointsPlus Value).

How many Weight Watchers points are Twizzlers?