How many floors are in Robie House?

How many floors are in Robie House?

The three-story house achieves its horizontality by a number of means. It features dramatically cantilevered rooflines that reach over exterior spaces, continuous walls that shield the ground floor, and bands of windows and doors that counteract the solidity of the wall plane.

What is special about Robie House?

Built between 1909 and 1910, the building was designed as a single family home by architect Frank Lloyd Wright and is renowned as the greatest example of Prairie School, the first architectural style considered uniquely American.

What style is the Robie House?

Prairie SchoolFrederick C. Robie House / Architectural stylePrairie School is a late 19th- and early 20th-century architectural style, most common in the Midwestern United States. Wikipedia

Does anyone live in the Robie House?

Two additional families lived at the residence, the Taylors from 1911 to 1912 and the Wilburs from 1912 to 1926. The Wilburs were the last family to live at the Robie House.

How many windows are in the Robie House?

The 175 art glass windows in the Robie House are an integral part of the design of the house.

Is the Robie House still standing?

Recently restored to its 1910 condition, it is a National Historic Landmark and in 1991 was designated one of the 10 most-significant structures of the past century by the American Institute of Architects.

Who is the owner of the Robie House?

Robie House was finally sold to Webb & Knapp in 1958. A development firm involved in Hyde Park’s urban renewal, Webb & Knapp purchased Robie House from the Chicago Theological Seminary in 1958; they later donated the house to the University of Chicago in 1962. The University of Chicago currently owns Robie House.

Who built the Robie House?

Frank Lloyd WrightFrederick C. Robie House / Architect

What is Prairie house?

Historic Prairie-Style Home Prairie was influenced by the Arts and Crafts Movement and features many of the same concepts such as built-in furniture, simple materials and open floor plans. Prairie-style homes also feature long flat roofs, rows of windows, horizontal lines and organic patterns.

Who is the architect of the Robie House?

What architectural features does Frank Lloyd Wright include in his design of the Robie House that make it a masterpiece of the Prairie style?

Working from his studio in Oak Park, he developed what is considered America’s first unique architecture style, which is characterised by horizontal rooflines, overhanging eaves, continuous windows and natural materials.

Who was Robie House built for?