How long is the walk at Dovedale?

How long is the walk at Dovedale?

around 3 miles
Dovedale is a scenic valley in the Peak District and a very popular beauty spot. Dovedale valley follows the River Dove near the Staffordshire and Derbyshire border and is actually around 3 miles long.

Where do you park for Dovedale walk?

Ilam Park
You can park at Dovedale carpark itself or a mile away at Ilam Park.

How do you get to Dovedale stepping stones?

You can walk up to it by starting from the little bridge that crosses the River Dove just after you leave the car park. If you take this route, after reaching the top you can walk down the other side of the hill and end up at Dovedale stepping stones.

How long does it take to climb Dovedale?

WALK HIGHLIGHTS: Dovedale Stepping Stones, Thorpe Cloud, paddling in the River Dove. HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE: Without kids, this is a 1.5 hour walk, but with young kids it is closer to 2.5 hours (longer if it’s a sunny day and you want to picnic by the river and maybe have a paddle).

How many stepping stones does Dovedale have?

16 Dovedale Stepping Stones
There are 16 Dovedale Stepping Stones that allow a crossing over the River Dove. This river is 45 miles long and flows through the Midlands.

How old are the Dovedale Stepping Stones?

360 million years ago
These quintessentially English stepping stones were built for Victorian tourists. Dovedale is a picturesque valley in the Peak District, which more than 360 million years ago lay under a shallow subterranean sea as a coral reef.

Is Dovedale an easy walk?

Dovedale is one of the most popular areas in the Peak District, and this circular walk to the Dovedale Stepping Stones is short and family friendly. The paths are excellent and easy to follow.

Is Dovedale Peak District Open?

Dovedale car park is open from 9am until 5:30pm (during winter) – no overnight car parking allowed. If you find that an area is very busy, please have an alternative place to visit planned and do not be tempted to park or queue on narrow roads or grass verges.

Can you walk up Thorpe Cloud?

Thorpe Cloud walk: including Dovedale stepping stones (2.5km, circular) Thorpe Cloud, in the far south of the Peak District National Park, is a fantastic starter hill for little legs. It’s a short, steep hike up there, and the views from the top are incredible.

Do you have to book to go Dovedale?

Parking: Ilam Park and Dovedale car park are open and no need to book. Spaces are very limited, so if the car park is full when you arrive please return when it is safe to do so. We urge people to avoid hotspots and observe social distancing.

Can I visit Dovedale?

For the love of Dovedale National Nature Reserves are open to the public, and we welcome our visitors to enjoy them freely whilst looking after this special place that you love to escape to.