How long is the Benchmade Mini Barrage?

How long is the Benchmade Mini Barrage?


Designer: Osborne
Open Length: 6.91″ | 17.55cm
Closed Length: 4.00″ | 10.16cm
Handle Thickness: 0.57″ | 14.48mm
Valox Handle

How big is the mini barrage?

Specifications: Designer: Osborne | Mechanism: AXIS-Assist | Action: Assisted-opening | Blade Steel: 154CM (58-61 HRC) | Blade Length: 2.91″ (7.39cm) | Blade Thickness: 0.100″ (2.54mm) | Open Length: 6.91″ (17.55cm) | Closed Length: 4.00″ (10.16cm) | Handle Thickness: 0.57″ (14.48mm) | Weight: 3.40oz.

What is a barrage knife?

Description. The Barrage® knife is the first to feature the AXIS® Assist. This assisted-opening knife can be operated with one hand in a fraction of a second. The AXIS® Assist technology allows for both left and right-handed users to open the blade with ease.

Where is the Benchmade Barrage made?

Specifications. The Barrage® is the first to feature the AXIS® Assist. They offer quick, one-handed opening and can be operated equally with either hand. Made in USA.

What angle do you sharpen benchmade?

Our knife blades leave the factory with a 30-35 degree inclusive angle. We recommend you use our LifeSharp service. This is a great way to get your knife sharpened, and to also have our qualified technicians service it for optimal performance.

What does benchmade Blue class mean?

Finally, there is the Blue Class of knives. The Blue Class, which is known to be the heart of Benchmade, is their more standard class. Here you will find both folders and fixed-blade options. Many knives in this class are of the highest quality of manufactured knives on the market today.

What does Benchmade Blue class mean?

What angle is Benchmade Bugout?

According to Benchmade, all the knives are 15-17 degrees per side. 6 of 6 found this helpful.

Is the Benchmade mini barrage any good?

The Mini Barrage is a great pocket companion for all sorts of day-to-day and handy-person tasks. It comes with either 154CM (as we tested it) or the more expensive S30V blade steel. We’ve used other Benchmade knives with their S30V blade and can definitely vouch for it.

What makes the mini barrage 585 so special?

The Mini Barrage 585 can be opened and closed quickly and single-handedly. It’s also fully ambidextrous. COMFORTABLE: The 585’s smaller, lighter design and quick opening make it comfortable to hold and easy to use.

Is the Benchmade mini-barrage 585 a good knife?

The Benchmade Mini-Barrage 585 is an excellent, precision-crafted piece of useful equipment. Those willing to make the initial investment will not be disappointed. We heartily recommend this knife. While the Mini-Barrage is our top-scoring product, others come close.

Is the mini barrage a good knife for personal defense?

holds edge, easily carried, perfect size for carry. a damn good knife for personal defense. Just ordered my 4th one of these for a Xmas present for my father. I started with an off the shelf Mini Barrage with the plastic grip and loved the blade and action.