How long do STABILO point 88 pens last?

How long do STABILO point 88 pens last?

Overall, I would say that one pen lasts for about a week of heavy writing.

How many STABILO point 88 colours are there?

STABILO point 88 comes in 65 colors.

Is STABILO 88 permanent?

Is STABILO point 88 ink permanent? There is no ISO standard for permanent fineliners in general and therefore none especially for our point 88 either. However, the inks are more than sufficient for office use as they can neither be erased with ink-eraser nor easily oxidized with chlorine solution.

Are Stabilo 88 pens waterproof?

The inks are not waterproof but neither are the LePens. The Stabilo pens are designed to allow for a long cap-off time without drying out.

Are Stabilo 88 waterproof?

The STABILO fineliners are the perfect companion for schoolchildren, students and professionals. The famous STABILO Point 88 and the STABILO Sensor are high quality felt fineliner pens that are archival, bleedproof, and waterproof.

Are STABILO 88 pens waterproof?

Do STABILO pens bleed through paper?

The have a nice fine tip, the pens are also very thin (which I like). They are kind of like fine-tip Sharpies, but brighter, no odor, and not as much bleeding through paper.

What is the difference between Stabilo 68 and 88?

The 88 point pens have the same shaped barrel as the 68’s, but the colour runs over the whole length of the pen instead of just the caps. A real plus about these is that they come in FORTY colours!

Are Stabilo Fineliners worth it?

Staedtler Fineliners are fabulous writing instruments that write remarkably smoothly but the colors just aren’t what I like. These Stabilo 88’s are the best of all for notes. The colors are great and the ink flows smoothly. They might not be as comfortable as the Staedtler but not uncomfortable by any means….

Are Stabilo pens worth it?

Which is better Stabilo vs Staedtler?

Both Stabilo and Staedtler offer a decent range of colors. However, Staedtler offers a few different color options. On the other hand, Stabilo offers significantly better shades, and their lineup contains more unique colors.

What is the Stabilo point 88 fineliner?

The orange body and characteristic white edge stripes have become a hallmark for precision and vibrant color. With a line width of only 0.4 mm, the STABILO point 88 fineliner is perfectly suited for use with a ruler if you desire clear and sharp images. The metal-enclosed tip has been used to produce grand designs and create brilliant ideas.

What kind of pens do Stabilo pens come in?

STABILO GREENpoint STABILO point 88 Mini Gel Pens Gel Pens STABILO PALETTE STABILO pointVisco

What is the best fineliner for note taking?

Fineliner STABILO point 88 – The STABILO point 88 is available in 47 brilliant colors including 6 neon shades. It comes in a line-width of 0.4mm with a long cap-off time. It is ideal for precise work, structuring texts and taking notes.

How many shades of Stabilo point 88 are there?

The instantly recognizable STABILO point 88 fineliner is a timeless classic, with over 6 billion pieces sold and loved by so many all over the world. No matter whether you wish to structure your texts, underline, take notes or write full texts, our wide range of 47 brilliant colors, including 6 neon shades will have you covered.