How long can Air Force wear ABU?

How long can Air Force wear ABU?

On 14 May 2018, The U.S. Air Force announced that all airmen will transition from the Airman Battle Uniform to the OCP Uniform. All airmen have been permitted to wear the OCP Uniform since 1 October 2018, and the wear out date for the ABU was 1 April 2021.

When did the Air Force change from ABU to OCP?

So long, ABUs. The Air Force on April 1 will officially finish the transfer to the Operational Camouflage Pattern, meaning March 31 is the last day that Airman Battle Uniforms can be worn in regulations. USAF in May 2018 announced it would phase out the ABU in favor of the OCP, developed by the U.S. Army.

Whats the difference between OCP and ABU?

The OCP was lighter than the ABU or ACU, fit better, and had more accessible pockets, in battle-rattle or out. I spoke with an Army Specialist who told me the OCP took some getting used to, but now he prefers it over the ACU. Airmen, fresh from basic or tech training, have never known anything different.

Can you wear ABUs?

Airman Battle Uniform (ABU), Men’s and Women’s. ABUs may be worn off base for short convenience stops and when eating at restaurants where people wear comparable civilian attire.

How do you dispose of Abus?

During the uniform transition, uniform disposal boxes can be found at your local AAFES Military Clothing and Sales store. If the first two options are not available, Airmen can dispose of the Airman Battle Uniform by destroying it.

Are Air Force uniforms unisex?

“The uniform comes in 20 female sizes and 37 unisex sizes. Female Airmen, currently issued the unisex uniform in U.S. Air Forces Central Command, report a better fit and higher morale as a result.” Enlisted Airmen should start to see an increase to their annual clothing allowances starting Oct. 1, 2018.

What does ABU mean in Air Force?

Airman Battle Uniform
Airman Battle Uniform. Categories Air Force Equipment Air Force Uniforms Personal Equipment Uniforms. The U.S. Air Force began fielding the Airman Battle Uniform in 2007 to replace the woodland camouflage Battle Dress Uniform worn by all U.S. services for decades.

What can I do with old Abu?

1. Donate

  1. Military institutions. If the uniforms are still decent and wearable, you can donate them to military organizations like the ROTC, where cadets can wear them for training.
  2. Thrift stores.
  3. Private companies and shops.
  4. Non-profit organizations.
  5. Museums.
  6. Other public institutions and organizations.