How heavy is Matt Heafy guitar?

How heavy is Matt Heafy guitar?

Epiphone Matt Heafy Les Paul Custom

Body mahogany
Output Jack heavy duty Epiphone 1/4″ non-rotating
Machine Heads deluxe die-cast with black metal tulip buttons 14:1
Color ebony (gloss)
Typical Weight (+/- 5%) 9.7 lbs

What gauge strings does Matt Heafy use?

The Rig Rundown gives us a swift insight that Matt utilises Jim Dunlop 10–52 on his signature guitars. He does describe that he uses the same setup on his seven string models but no gauge or set is disclosed.

Why does Matt Heafy use two guitar straps?

Heafy collaborated with German firm Richter Straps on the design, which boasts an additional strap for the other shoulder that wraps around the guitar’s body, allowing players to spread the weight of their instrument. “Guitar straps are not ergonomic,” says Heafy.

What guitar does Matt Heafy?

Matt Heafy’s Guitars Matt exclusively plays his Epiphone Limited Edition Matt Heafy Les Paul Custom 6- and 7- string models.

Does Matt Heafy use Epiphone?

Trivium frontman Matt Heafy is a proud Epiphone player, using the brand’s Les Pauls both onstage and in the studio. In a new interview, he touched on the origins of his signature Epiphone model and how it all stemmed from wanting to put out an affordable guitar for the masses.

What tuning does Matt Heafy use?

This album I swapped in Fishman Fluence modern pickups into them – so I used three of my MKH Epiphones, because we had three tunings on this record: drop flat seven-string tuning, standard flat seven-string tuning and drop flat six-string tuning.

How did Matt Heafy learn guitar?

Around the age of 12 Matt was noticed by Triviums original singer Brad Lewter after performing at his schools talent show. Brad had asked him to try out for lead guitarist even though he was approximately 4 years younger than the rest of the members. He managed to get accepted and played guitar for the band.

Does Trivium use 7 string guitars?

Trivium’s next release, Shogun, was very much a seven-string album for you… “It was predominantly seven-string. There are some songs on that record that people think are six-strings because we definitely don’t overdo making it sound like we’re cranking on a seven-string because of the keys we’re playing in.