How far will a 45-70 shoot accurately?

How far will a 45-70 shoot accurately?

The . 45-70 Govt is very effective out to around 150 yards with minimal bullet drop, but it’s capable of great accuracy and longer range shooting as well. Using modern, smokeless powder, most of the ammunition manufacturers currently produce a wide variety of loads of varying power for the .

What’s the difference between a 45-70 and a 45-70 government?

The 45-70 and the 45-70 Govt are the same cartridge no difference at all. Any time you come up with a question you just ask away, that is the whole purpose in this board.

Is 45-70 good for bear?

45-70, now almost 150 years old, is a pretty good bear cartridge. It has a modern, strong brass case and shoots nicely heavy, but because of one popular antique black powder rifle, the Trapdoor Springfield, the powder charge in factory ammunition must duplicate the puny original black powder load dating back to 1873.

Will 45-70 stop a grizzly?

45-70 for deer hunting in thick conditions and it’s also quite effective on black bear, feral hogs, moose, and grizzly bears. While it can be a very effective cartridge on many species of African game, make sure you read the article below if you’re thinking about using the .

What is the biggest caliber handgun?

The Pfeifer-Zeliska . 600 Nitro Express Revolver is the largest caliber handgun in the world, and the most powerful.

Is the 45-70 Powerful?

45-70 was an extremely potent load when used on deer and black bear and still effective on the larger, tougher and sometimes more dangerous species like moose, grizzly bear and buffalo.

What is the ballistics of a 45-70?

Ballistics and Drop for the .45-70 Government. The ballistic data for the .45-70 for four grain types of bullets muzzle velocity are 2,275 ft/s (300 gr JHP Strong), 2,069 ft/s (300 gr JHP Standard), 1,597 ft/s (300 gr lead), and 1,394 ft/s (405 gr). The bullet trajectory is accurate up to 300 yards with a rainbow effect that lasts up…

What is 45-70 LEVERevolution ammo?

Loaded with either a 325 grain FTX bullet or a 250 grain MonoFlex bullet, .45-70 LEVERevolution ammunition has a flatter trajectory and carries more energy down range than traditional .45-70 Government factory ammunition loaded with round nosed bullets.

What is the ballistics of a 45 70 government?

Ballistics and Drop for the .45-70 Government. The .45-70 was designed in 1873 by the U.S. Government at the Army’s Springfield Armory for use with the Springfield Model 1873. The .45-70 has no parent case and is a rimmed tapered design that fits a .458 inch bullet with a large rifle primer. The original weight of the bullet was 405 gr…

Is the 45-70 still good for hunting?

Though it was originally loaded with black powder and introduced in the 1870s, the .45-70 Government is still a relevant and heavy hitting rifle cartridge. In fact, due to advances in powder and bullet technology, the .45-70 ammo is now even more effective for hunting than it ever has been.