How does The Subtle Knife start?

How does The Subtle Knife start?

After accidentally killing an intruder, Will escapes via a portal into another world and finds himself in the city of Cittàgazze where he meets Lyra and her dæmon Pantalaimon, who have arrived from her world via the opening in the sky created by her father, Lord Asriel (in Northern Lights).

What is the climax of The Subtle Knife?

The climax is when Lyra and Will travel into the tower and find the Subtle Knife, a powerful knife that can cut anything with one side of the blade, and cut through dimensions with the other. Lyra and Will use this knife to get the alethiometer back.

How long does it take to read The Subtle Knife?

The average reader will spend 5 hours and 26 minutes reading this book at 250 WPM (words per minute).

What is the importance of the knife in His Dark Materials?

Lord Boreal and the Magisterium of the Church wanted to possess the knife because its ability to cut through any material threatened the Authority, who had survived the First Rebellion only because the rebel angels could not harm him with any existing weapon or material at the time (their fears were later confirmed …

What does The Subtle Knife symbolize?

The titular Subtle Knife is a symbol in this novel for nuance and discernment. By discernment, what is meant is telling one thing apart from a very similar thing. That act requires subtlety and precision, and since there are forces that are trying to control Lyra and her friends, they have to be covert and clever.

Why is it called The Subtle Knife?

Named The Subtle Knife or Æsahættr (pronounced “as-hatter” by the BBC Radio adaptation) meaning “God Destroyer”, it is described as looking like an ordinary dagger but able to cut through any material or substance – lead, flesh, even able to cut through the membrane that separates the worlds from each another.

Is The Subtle Knife a movie?

The Subtle Knife was a planned film adaptation of the book of the same name. The film was set to be released in 2010 or 2011 and was part of Philip Pullman’s Dark Materials trilogy.

Who narrates the Subtle Knife?

Philip Pullman
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Listening Length 8 hours and 55 minutes
Narrator Philip Pullman, full cast Release Date November 07, 2003
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Program Type Audiobook

Who wrote The Subtle Knife?

Philip PullmanThe Subtle Knife / Author

Who is the bearer of The Subtle Knife?

Giacomo Paradisi
Giacomo Paradisi was a man from the world of Cittàgazze and the bearer of the subtle knife before Will Parry. He used the knife on behalf of the Guild of the Torre degli Angeli.

What are Spectres in His Dark Materials?

Spectres are also known as the Spectres of Indifference. They are beings of spirit escaped from the void between universes. Most commonly, a Spectre is created from each new window opened by the Subtle Knife. They appear in the second and third volumes of the trilogy, The Subtle Knife and The Amber Spyglass.

Who narrates the subtle knife?