How do you unlock the secret poem in DDLC?

How do you unlock the secret poem in DDLC?

All Poem Pictures 20-44 – To unlock all poems in Doki Doki Literature Club Plus, players will need to experience every branch of the story. This means saving and reloading before Act 1 ends to spend time with Sayori, Natsuki, and Yuri before starting Act 2.

How do you get the secret poem 10 DDLC?

10. If the player writes two poems for Natsuki and one for Yuri in Act 2, attempting to talk to Monika will prompt the player this poem, to which Monika seems surprised and says that the game has glitched her poem. The poem has a loud ambience playing in the background, with unreadable glitches all over the page.

How do I get all CGs in DDLC plus?

First, create a save file before the first poem. After that, write a poem for one character and unlock all three of their CGs, then create a new save when you reach the festival in Act 1 and go back to the first poem save and write a poem for a different character to see their three CGs.

What does Natsuki’s poem mean?

A popular interpretation among players is that the “Amy” in the poem is Yuri, and her “spiders” are a metaphor for her self-harm, and this causing Natsuki’s disdain for Yuri despite a deep-seated admiration of her and her poetry. The end of the poem signifies Natsuki’s intent to confront Yuri’s problem.

How do I get Monika Jumpscare?

During Act 3, if the player has OBS or XSplit running in the background during the part where Monika says the player’s PC name, instead of that dialogue appearing, she will notice that she’s being recorded and after a short talk will jump-scare the player.

What does the MC in DDLC look like?

Official concept sketch of the protagonist in DDLC Plus! The protagonist’s largest appearance is shown once in Act 1 when Sayori hugs him. Only his back is visible, revealing that he has short, dark brown hair and pale skin. His arms also appear in Acts 1 and 2.

What happens if you delete Monika early?

If the player decides to delete Monika from the game, Monika will then glitch out, before becoming disembodied and angrily expressing her disgust at the player. She will then claim that she made a mistake and express her regret at what she has done to her friends.

What happens if you dont delete Monika?

Not just in another room, but after she herself has deleted the rest of the game. If players don’t delete Monika at this stage in the game, they will only be able to speak to Monika when they return.

How do I delete Monika?

icon in their Steam library. Then hover over the Manage option and select Browse Local Files, opening the Characters folder. The only file under this folder should be Monika. Delete Monika’s file or drag it to the trash.

Did Yuri pee on her poem?

In one occasion, Yuri shows a poem to the protagonist with blood and urine stains on it, telling him that she has ‘put her scent on it’. Yuri will then realize what she has truly done and leave the club, stating that she is going to vomit.

What happens if you delete sayori before starting the game?

Quick Ending If Monika’s character file is deleted (as explained in Monika’s Ending) before starting a new game in Act 1, Sayori appears to realize that she is trapped in a game and yells “PLEASE MAKE IT STOP!”. She will then force the game to close and delete the other character files.

How does Doki Doki get your name?

the game knows youre name in the final act, because Monika, that is part of the game “DDLC”, had accessed your files and learned your name. If you view it from the coding view, all Monika (the game) did was read your name that was found in your files.