How do you play as Darkside in Twisted Metal 3?

How do you play as Darkside in Twisted Metal 3?

Twisted Metal III Darkside can be selected only with GameShark, with the code: 800D28D0 O0OE. Its special is similar to Minion; both shoot a freeze missile, except Darkside launches a flamethrower while Minion launches 3 missiles.

How do you unlock characters in Twisted Metal 3?

Enter the password Left, Square, Square, Square, Left and start a one-player game. At the player-select screen,pick Flower Power, highlight Info, and press X to view a hidden graphic of the character.

What are the controls for Twisted Metal ps3?

This is a quick reference to the controls in Twisted Metal….Controls.

Actions Buttons
Cycle Main Weapon Right R1
Jump L1 + R1
Fire Sidearm L2
Fire Main Weapon R2

How do you unlock Darkside?

In order to unlock the first hidden Kingdom, known as the Dark Side, you will need 250 Moons in your Odyssey. Once you’ve done that you’ll be able to travel to the Dark Side of the Moon via your world map.

How do you use Turbo in Twisted Metal Black?

Turbo Dash is an attack that any car can use. Press the Turbo button and flip your controller forward to gain an extra boost. This will damage any vehicle in your path more than a regular Ram attack.

How do you jump in Twisted Metal Black?

In Twisted Metal: Black onwards, the Jump energy attack is simply pushing L1+R1 simultaneously. In Twisted Metal (2012), the command inputs have been simplified even further. Jump command is L1 + R1.

Why is sweet tooths head-on fire?

Unfortunately, this allowed Needles to subdue or destroy Marcus’ personality, effectively bringing the man’s repressed madness and sadism to the forefront. To celebrate his new freedom, the newly-named Sweet Tooth donned the clown mask (somehow setting his head ablaze in the process) and decided to murder “his” family.

How do you freeze in Twisted Metal Black?

Freeze attack: Press Up, Down, Up. Land mine: Press Right, Left, Down. Charged land mine: Press Right, Left, then hold Down.