How do you get Maiko Persona 3?

How do you get Maiko Persona 3?

To initiate her Social Link, the protagonist must purchase a Mad Bull from the Iwatodai Dormitory’s second floor vending machine for ¥120, as well as the Weird Takoyaki from Octopia in the Iwatodai strip mall for ¥400. She can be found during the day near the playground in Naganaki Shrine on every day but Sunday.

How do you unlock Maiko?

To start her Social Link, the protagonist must first bring her a Weird Takoyaki and a Mad Bull. The Weird Takoyaki can be bought for ¥400 at the Iwatodai strip mall takoyaki stand “Octopia” and the Mad Bull can be bought for ¥120 from any of the vending machines at the Dormitory.

Can you date Maiko?

Afterwards you can just not talk to Maiko and leave her alive or talk to her and have a fight with her. Judy will be pissed if you kill Maiko, but your romance is still possible. One final note is that later you find out things did not go well for Clouds if you did not let Maiko run it.

Where can I find takoyaki Persona 3?

Iwatodai Station
To do so, go to Iwatodai Station, and hear to the Strip Mall from there. Look for the Octopia stand and buy a Takoyaki. Make sure you also have the Mad Bull drink you bought from the vending machine. With these two items in hand, thead to the Shrine.

What food does Maiko want?

Weird Takoyaki
The protagonist can buy the Weird Takoyaki, the food Maiko wants.

How do I start Yukari social link?

The protagonist can start Yukari’s Social Link as early as July 24th after the trip to Yakushima. To initiate her Social Link, the male protagonist must have max rank Charm (Charismatic). She can be found during the day in Gekkoukan’s Classroom 2F on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.

Does Junpei have a social link?

The female protagonist automatically starts Junpei’s Social Link on April 23rd. He can be found during the day in Classroom 1F in Gekkoukan. He cannot be romanced. Junpei gives the female protagonist a Pig Key Holder when the Social Link is maxed, which enables the fusion of Surt.

Does killing Maiko stop Judy romance?

Maiko will not become the boss of Clouds, and you will have to decide whether to kill or spare her – this doesn’t have a huge impact on anything, but Judy will not be impressed if you kill Maiko (although you can still romance her and complete her quests). You will have to fight the Tyger Claws.

What happens if Maiko take over clouds?

Consequence: This will result in a peaceful resolution with the Tyger Claws gang and Maiko will become the new boss of Clouds. Judy will not like this and her quest line will end at this moment and the chance to romance Judy will be henceforth locked off.

What happens if you side with Maiko?

Ending Choices: What happens when players accept Maiko’s payment? When players choose this option, Judy will then hate the player and this will result in the end of the mission with her. For those playing as the female V, players won’t be able to romance her.

When can you use Akihiko?

The female protagonist can start Akihiko’s Social Link after defeating the Priestess Shadow on the second Full Moon. To initiate his Social Link, the female protagonist must have level four Charm (Queen Bee).