How do you do the chess puzzle in Resident Evil 0?

How do you do the chess puzzle in Resident Evil 0?

Resident Evil 0 HD Remaster Chess Puzzle Guide Move the White King down a fair ways, until you can move it over to the left corner. When you move it over, push it all the way back up into the two white pieces and the black piece and you will be in check mate.

How do you get past the chess room in Little Nightmares?

When you reach the door on the right, put the top on the white rook to make a platform to stand on. Then, jump to the handle to open the door. This will lead you into a room with a strange, broken chessboard on the ground, including one of the Bullies as a piece.

How do you complete the chess puzzle in re2?

Step 1: Upon entering the room, take the Queen Plug from the left side door and put it in the door on the right. Step 2: Proceed through the door and go up the stairs on your right. Take the King Plug and jump down. You should land right next to the door that you originally put your Queen Plug into.

How do you cure poison re0?

How to treat Poison? Blue Herbs are the most common antidote, and are typically found in the same areas as poisonous enemies. Sometimes there are also objects that can cure poison an unlimited number of times, such as large pots full of blue herbs.

How do you get the green chemical in Resident Evil 0?

Green is the Color – Use a Green Chemical [Bronze / 15 GS] The Green Chemical is located in the Infirmary room (Training Facility 2F). The only thing you have to do is add some green chemical to your mixing set and use it.

How many chapters are in Little Nightmares 2?

Here’s a full playthrough of Little Nightmares II on the PlayStation 5, broken into 5 parts (across 5 chapters). Do note that there is only a PS4 version of the game, which runs at 1080p @ 60 FPS, which we are running on a PS5.

How do you get Rebecca out of the room?

Grab the ice pick, head back the way you came, and you’ll have to face off against your first boss: a giant scorpion. After taking him out, head back to the service elevator and give Rebecca the ice pick. She will now be able to use the ice pick to get herself out of the room. Congratulations.

What order do chess pieces go in Resident Evil 2?

When looking at the map, the order from left to right, top to bottom will be: king, queen, pawn across the top and knight, rook, bishop across the bottom. Place the chess pieces in the correct order and the door leading further into the Sewers will open.

How do you open the special weapon case in re2?

The key to unlocking the Special Weapons Case is the S.T.A.R.S. badge. You’ll have used it to unlock the Armory door and gain the Magnum, but those with a careful eye will have noticed that it doesn’t gain the small tick next to it to say that it’s out of uses. Unfortunately, if you left the usb in the S.T.A.R.S.