How do you divide in VBA?

How do you divide in VBA?

Following arithmetic operators are supported by VBA….VBA – Arithmetic Operators.

Operator Description Example
/ Divides the numerator by the denominator B / A will give 2
% Modulus operator and the remainder after an integer division B % A will give 0
^ Exponentiation operator B ^ A will give 100000

What is integer division in VBA?

Integer division is carried out using the \ Operator (Visual Basic). Integer division returns the quotient, that is, the integer that represents the number of times the divisor can divide into the dividend without consideration of any remainder.

How do you get a remainder in Visual Basic?

The \ Operator (Visual Basic) returns the integer quotient of a division. For example, the expression 14 \ 4 evaluates to 3. The / Operator (Visual Basic) returns the full quotient, including the remainder, as a floating-point number. For example, the expression 14 / 4 evaluates to 3.5.

How do you use the division operator in Python?

In Python, there are two types of division operators:

  1. / : Divides the number on its left by the number on its right and returns a floating point value.
  2. // : Divides the number on its left by the number on its right, rounds down the answer, and returns a whole number.

How do you use the integer division operator?

Integer division The % (integer divide) operator divides two numbers and returns the integer part of the result. The result returned is defined to be that which would result from repeatedly subtracting the divisor from the dividend while the dividend is larger than the divisor.

How do you use the integer division operator Python?

For Python 2. x, dividing two integers or longs uses integer division, also known as “floor division” (applying the floor function after division. So, for example, 5 / 2 is 2. Using “/” to do division this way is deprecated; if you want floor division, use “//” (available in Python 2.2 and later).

How do you get the remainder of a division in Excel?

Excel MOD Function

  1. Summary. The Excel MOD function returns the remainder of two numbers after division. For example, MOD(10,3) = 1.
  2. Get the remainder from division.
  3. The remainder.
  4. =MOD (number, divisor)
  5. number – The number to be divided. divisor – The number to divide with.

Does VBA have a MOD function?

VBA Mod is not a function, in fact, it is an operation which is used for calculating the remainder digit by dividing a number with divisor. In simple words, it gives us the remainder value, which is the remained left part of Number which could not get divided completely.

What does mod mean in VB?

the Modulo operation
Mod in VB.NET is the Modulo operation. It returns the remainder when one number is divided by another. For example, if you divided 4 by 2, your mod result would be 0 (no remainder).

Is there a mod function in VBA?