How do you conjugate avoir in present tense?

How do you conjugate avoir in present tense?

Now let’s conjugate it, in the present tense.

  1. I have = J’ai. I have two dogs = J’ai deux chiens.
  2. You have = Tu as (casual)
  3. She has = Elle a.
  4. He has = Il a.
  5. We have = on a.
  6. We have = nous avons.
  7. You have = vous avez (formal or you all)
  8. They have = Elles ont (for an exclusively feminine group)

What tense is avoir?

To form the passé composé of verbs using avoir, conjugate avoir in the present tense (j’ai, tu as, il a, nous avons, vous avez, ils ont) and add the past participle of the verb expressing the action.

Is avoir a past tense?

tu as pris – you took….Common irregular past participles used with avoir for the perfect tense.

Verb Past participle English
avoir eu had
boire bu drunk
comprendre compris understood

Is avoir irregular in the present tense?

However they are extremely useful. The three most irregular are avoir (to have), être (to be) and aller (to go) and are perhaps the most crucial to know, since they are used to form other tenses….Common irregular verbs in the present tense.

English Subject pronoun Avoir – to have
they ils/elles ont

What’s the past participle of avoir?

Irregular Past Participles

verb past participle
avoir eu
boire bu
comprendre compris
conduire conduit

What is être avoir?

Être and Avoir: The 2 Most Important Verbs in French For starters, on their own, the verb être means “to be” and the verb avoir means “to have.” These two verbs are used in this simple sense to say things like je suis professeur (I am a teacher) or elle a une tasse (she has a cup).